A100 Medicine 2019 Admissions Statistics

St Anne's College, Oxford did not have the information requested.

Dear St Anne’s College,

I'd like to request to attain an itemised table of the GCSE/equivalent (where applicable), predicted/achieved A-level/equivalent (where applicable), BMAT and interview scores for A100 applicants that were interviewed at St Anne's College in the most recent admissions cycle (2018-2019), including whether the applicant received an offer or not. I appreciate full A-level and GCSE strings alongside the other information requested may not be possible due to data regulations, so if this is the case, could you please omit both of these data, and instead simply include the weighted contextualised GCSE score (if the candidate has taken GCSEs). Regarding the interview score - if broken down raw scores are recorded this data would be preferable, but if this is not possible, then (with degreasing preference) a total raw score for each interview, a combined total raw score, a rank out of all interviewees, and a weighted score out of 100 based off this rank, would all be acceptable as an alternative.

Example of desired formatting if the request is unclear (assuming neither broken down interview scores or A-level + GCSE strings are possible):

Applicant ID | BMAT score | Interview score | Contextualised GCSE score| Offer

Yours faithfully,
A. Baum

John Ford, St Anne's College, Oxford

Dear Ms. Baum,

Unfortunately the College does not have information on BMAT and interview scores for the A100 Medicine 2019 admissions. This information is held centrally by the university.
Given the small number of examples of contextualised GCSE information relating to offer holders at St. Anne's we cannot disclose this in order to protect personal confidentiality. It might therefore again be easier to address this question to the university as they may be able to disclose information for the medical sciences division as a whole. The larger number of examples may offer better protection for the personal details of individuals and their colleges.

Hope this is helpful.


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