A100 Gap year

The request was successful.

Dear Downing College, Cambridge,

I would like to request some data on the A100 applications from the last four admissions cycles, under the terms of the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.

The data I would like is as follows,

1) How many applicants applied post A level and of those how many received interview and offers.
2) For the applicants who were given offers (post a level ) and the ones who didn't (post a level) could I get anonymised data on what A Levels they had taken and their average ums scores in each invididual subject. If an applicant took retakes , could this be indicated as well as how many were taken.

As well as this, I would like their bmat scores.

3) Could I also have a copy of any scoring system used before, during or after interview.

4) Finally, how is contextual data used for gcse's and are there personalized offers for medicine?

Yours faithfully,

James Overett

Paul Boult, Downing College, Cambridge

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Dear Mr Overett,


Thank you for your enquiry to Downing College regarding A100 applications
from the last four admissions cycles. Please note that numbers do not
include applicants whose applications were placed in the Intercollegiate
Pool and subsequently offered places by other Cambridge colleges as we no
longer have access to their records.


For questions 1-3 please see the two attachments.


For question 4 please note full information about how GCSE's are used in
the Admissions process is already in the public domain:




During the Admissions Round, all Colleges are provided with the adjusted
GCSE score for each applicant. This takes into account the school's
overall GCSE performance in order to provide further context.


In those cases where we know an applicant has either suffered serious
health problems while taking GCSEs, or else has endured serious disruption
to the school's teaching provision (e.g., as specified in a submitted
Extenuating Circumstances Form), then we take those circumstances into
account when assessing the application.


As stated on the University's website
([2]http://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk...), the
typical offer for medicine is A*A*A, and the vast majority of Downing’s
offers are in line with that. However, we assess each application
individually and some offers might deviate from A*A*A. For example, if a
student if taking more than 3 A-levels, our offer might include more than
3 subjects, or we may specify the A* grades must be achieved in particular
subjects. However, we wouldn't usually make offers for medicine which are
lower than A*A*A.


Further information about making a request to the College, including your
legal rights if you are not satisfied with our response may be found at


Best wishes,


Paul Boult,

Records Manager,

Downing College



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