A100 Admissions statistics for graduate applicants

Will Rob made this Freedom of Information request to Queen Mary University of London

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The request was successful.

Dear Queen Mary University of London,

Could I request the admissions statistics for graduate applicants to your A100 MBCHB from the last 3 application cycles: 18/19, 19/20, 20/21. Specifically...

1. The number of graduate applications
2. The number of graduates given interviews
3. The number of final offers made to graduate applicants
4. Minimum UCAT score for a graduate with a 1:1 Honours degree that was subsequently invited to interview
5. Minimum UCAT score for a graduate with a 1:1 Honours degree that was subsequently given an offer


6. Do graduates compete for the same places as school leavers or are a set number of places reserved for graduates?
7. The number of places reserved on A100 for graduates (if any)
8. How does a graduates degree/A levels compare to a school leavers GCSE/ A levels during the application process?

Thank you :)

Yours faithfully,

Will Rob

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FOI 2022/F164


Dear Will Rob,


Thank you for your email of 10^th April.


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Paul Smallcombe

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