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Dear University College London,

Under the terms of the freedom of information act, i kindly request some data from you regarding a100 admissions.

1) For 2016 entry i.e. last admissions cycle, i would like to the know the number of applicants, the number who were interviewed and the number of offers made.

2) Of all the people given offers in the last admission cycle, i would like to know their respective BMAT scores and a-level grades, if this could be presented as a spreadsheet that would be ideal

3) Were any applicants still accepted if they missed their offer by one or more grades?

4) For this admissions cycle i'd like to know the criteria for assessing applicants for interview and if there is any interview score sheet,

Yours faithfully,

Mr S Water

Finance.FOI Requests, University College London

Thank you for your message.
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Goudie, Alex, University College London

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Dear Mr Water,

Please find attached a response to your Freedom of Information request, received by UCL on 6th October.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Goudie
Data Protection & Freedom of Information Adviser
Legal Services|Finance and Business Affairs|UCL
Ext: 57862
Tel: 020 3108 7862

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