This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Free School Meal Statistics for Plymouth Primary Schools'.

Department for Services for Children  
and Young People 
Plymouth City Council 
Windsor House 
Plymouth PL1 2AA 
Tel: (01752) 307305 
Fax: (01752) 307494 
When calling or telephoning please ask for:  Rebecca Rowland 
Date:  15 August 2011 
My Ref:  CT201188S/ 
Your Ref: 
Dear Requester 
Re: Freedom of Information request 
Date of request: 12 August 2011 
Information requested: Free School Meal Statistics for Plymouth Primary Schools 
Thank you for your email requesting:  
Details relating to Plymouth Primary Schools and the % of children within each school that receive 
free school meals. 
The application was received on 12 August 2011.  
The Council normally seeks to provide information requested within 20 working days (or let you 
know how you can obtain it), however we are experiencing a very high number of Freedom of 
Information requests and are at present working on tackling the issue of demand and supply within 
the statutory time frame. We may not be able to provide all you have requested; if we do not hold 
the information, or if an exemption or exception to providing the information applies.  We will 
explain if we cannot provide what you have requested. 
Information is usually provided free of charge, but if there could be a fee, we will tell you about 
any charge before we retrieve the information. 
I note from your application that you require the information to be supplied in electronic format. 

If you have any questions concerning information requests then please look at the Council’s web 
pages: or contact 
me using the details above.  If I am unavailable please leave a contact telephone number. 
Yours sincerely 
Rebecca Rowland 
Information and Communication Support Officer 
Plymouth Children and Young People’s Trust Communication Team 
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