This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Public consultation on Britwell Regeneration'.

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A brighter Britwell
A brighter Britwell - you said, we did…
You said, we did…
Designed and printed by Slough Borough Council  |  CO/5607/07-04-10

Plans for a brighter Britwell
Talk to us
Following wide consultation with you and your
For more information on the Britwell regeneration scheme or to tell
neighbours, the council is drawing up plans to
us what you think:
deliver new family homes and new shops in
•  Call 0800 085 0274
• Email xxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx
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The plans also include improvement to Kennedy
Park and new community buildings.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to tell
us what you want to see in the Britwell of the
future - this leaflet is an update on what we
have done so far and what we are planning next.

Regeneration - Phase two: what’s coming next 
You said, we did
You will have the chance to shape your Britwell of the future through
You said…
ongoing discussion and consultation, to ensure we include the mix of
… you are unhappy with the flats and shops in Wentworth Avenue
housing, shops and leisure facilities you would like.
and you want more modern facilities built - including shops, homes
Before residents and shopkeepers from the Wentworth Avenue
and community buildings. 
shops and flats have been relocated into the new buildings, we will
We have outline plans for the project, which were approved in March,
be back to ask you what you want to see on Wentworth Avenue in the
and are now moving to a detailed planning stage with work likely to
start early next year.
Your views will help us decide how to regenerate this part of your
You said…
… you wanted high quality family homes
We will be in touch with you again soon.
We will be demolishing the 1960s built Wentworth Avenue flats and
replacing them with better quality low rise homes for rent on the
edge of Kennedy Park.

You said…
You said…
… you would use local shops more if they were improved and
… you wanted improvements to local parks
The development will generate funds that we can invest in Kennedy
We will be demolishing the shops on Wentworth Avenue and
Park - creating a new flood-lit path linking to the Northborough
replacing them with new ones near the new housing provision.
Estate, new landscaping and new sports and play facilities.
You said…
The popular skate park will remain, but will be moved within the
… you wanted new community facilities
You said…
We will be building a new community facility which could house a
base for local police, doctors, library, a one stop shop, internet cafe
… you wanted better local transport
and community groups.
We will work with the bus companies to bring buses to the new