This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Avon and Somerset Police Firearms Unit Fleet'.

Legal Services Directorate 
Force Headquarters, 
PO Box 37, 
Valley Road, 
BS20 8QJ 
Email: xxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxx.xx 
Freedom of Information Request Appeals Procedure 
If, upon receipt of a response to a request for information, you as the applicant are 
unhappy with the outcome, you are entitled to appeal against the decision reached 
within 40 working days and request an internal review in the following way: 
In the first instance, you should write to the Head of Legal Services using the details 
given above. You will need to include the reference number and date of your 
request, plus details of why you are appealing. 
Receipt of your appeal will be acknowledged. An internal review will then be 
conducted and you will be subsequently informed of the outcome, which could be 
one of three possibilities: 
All the information will be provided.
Some additional information will be provided.
The original decision will be upheld and no additional disclosure made.
If after the appeals procedure has concluded, you are still dissatisfied, you have the 
right to direct your comments to the Information Commissioner 
( who will give it due consideration. 

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