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Carl Cross
Information Management
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Please ask for Bruce Green 
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Date: 7th June 2021
Dear Carl Cross
Freedom of Information Act 2000 
Your request for information has been considered by Warwickshire County Council 
under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
I can confirm that some the information you have requested is held by Warwickshire 
County Council. 
However, please be advised we are unable to provide all of the information you have 
requested.  This is because some of information is not held by Warwickshire County 
Please see below for further details and explanation.  
You asked us: 
Mental Health Recovery & Reablement Commissioned Social Care Services. 
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 please supply the following 
information about your Reablement provision for citizens with mental health 
1. Does the Council offer Mental Health Recovery and Reablement services 
commissioned by Social Care? 
Yes, through close working with local NHS provider Coventry and Warwickshire 
Partnership NHS Trust (CWPT) and through the commissioning of mental health and 
emotional wellbeing support services commissioned by Warwickshire County Council 

(WCC) that contribute towards recovery in the community. These are funded wholly or 
partly by both Adult Social Care Mental Health.
2. Are the services delivered in house or by external / independent supplier/s?
Through a Section 75 partnership agreement, WCC mental health staff are seconded to 
an external provider trust (CWPT) for the provision of mental health care, treatment, and 
Commissioned mental health and emotional wellbeing services are delivered by 
external providers.
3. If external / independent, please name the supplier(s)?
Please see the Q3 tab of the Excel spreadsheet ‘FoI_6778152_ResponseDoc’ attached 
to our covering e-mail. 
4. How many service users accessed reablement and recovery service(s) in: 
- 2018/19? 
- 2019/20? 
- 2020/21?
Please see the Q4 tab of the Excel spreadsheet ‘FoI_6778152_ResponseDoc’ attached 
to our covering e-mail. 
5. What is the average time a service user spends receiving Mental Health 
recovery and reablement services?
This information is not recorded and held by Warwickshire County Council.  
Please note:  Individuals accessing support from these services, and the time spent with 
the user, is dependent on their needs, so this can vary between user and service. 
6. What is the social care annual spend on these services in:
- 2018/19?
- 2019/20?
- 2020/21?
Please note:  The social care annual spend has remained the same in each of the 
financial years above.   

7. Is your Mental Health recovery & reablement provision a standalone service or 
is it part of a framework?
The provision is not a standalone service and are individually commissioned. 
This is not relevant for services delivered under the S75 agreement.
8. What KPIs (Key performance Indicators) are used for the service / the service is 
measured against?
Please see the Q8 tab of the Excel spreadsheet ‘FoI_6778152_ResponseDoc’ attached 
to our covering e-mail. 
9. What Recovery & Reablement Tools are used?
The tools used by the services include:
•  Outcome star model with the following domains: Managing mental health, Physical 
health and self-care, living skills, Social networks, Work, Relationships, Addictive 
behaviour, Responsibilities, Identity and self-esteem, and Trust and hope.
•  Short Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale (WEMWBS) to monitor wellbeing.
•  Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS).
•  Co-production and co-delivery of services.
•  Education, awareness raising, and information and advice sharing.
•  Developing and implementing a mental health and wellbeing support plan.
•  Peer-support and social contact.
•  Signposting to other services.
10. What if any MH specialist clinical posts are within the contracted service 
One of the key partners to the commissioned services is an NHS mental health Trust 
therefore sessions may be co-delivered with specialist staff.
Seconded staff are majority specialist and/or qualified professionals e.g. AMHPs, Social 
Workers, and Nurses.
11. Who is the lead commissioner for these services - please provide name and 
contact information?

Paula Mawson.
Strategy and Commissioning Manager (Health & Wellbeing).

01926 731451 
Mental Health Specialist Social Care Transitions Service. 
Please supply the following information about your Transition provision for 
citizens with mental health needs:
12. Does the council commission a social care transitions service for young 
people aged 16-25 with a primary support reason of mental health?
Please note:  There is an internal disability-led service delivered in-house and not 
commissioned.  The primary support reason for people accessing the service is 
disability, of which mental health may feature as part of the individual’s need. 
13. If Yes, please detail the number of services: 
*  delivered in house? 
*  delivered by external / Independent supplier/s?
Not applicable.  
14. If external / independent, please name the supplier(s)?
Not applicable.  
15. How many service users accessed transition service(s) in: 
- 2018/19? 
- 2019/20? 
- 2020/21?
Not applicable.  
16. What is the average time a service user spends receiving the specialist social 
care Mental Health transition services in:
- 2018/19? 
- 2019/20? 
- 2020/21?
Not applicable.  
17. What is the annual spend on the transitions?
Not applicable.  
18. Is this provision a standalone service or is it part of a framework?

Not applicable.  
19. What KPIs (Key performance Indicators) are used for the service / the service 
is measured against?
Not applicable.  
20. Please detail the commissioning contact for the service(s)? 
Not included as services not commissioned. 
21. If you do not have this service but are developing a service for young people 
with a mental health primary support need, we would be interested in finding out 
more and sharing information and ideas regarding our plans.
WCC is currently working with partners to review the 0-25 pathway for mental health. 
This work is currently in progress. 
22. Please detail the key contact for Mental Health social care commissioning.
Name: Paula Mawson - Strategy and Commissioning Manager (Health & Wellbeing). 
Yours faithfully.  
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I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours faithfully
Bruce Green 
Information Rights Officer