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David Butterfield 
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Kenny McKaig 01382 434577
Dear Sir/Madam
Freedom of Information Request Reference No. 20210503001   
I refer to your request of 30/04/2021
The answers to your questions are as follows:  
Subject: Freedom of Information request - COVID Winter Hardship Payments 
1. How did you distribute the COVID Winter Hardship Payments to vulnerable families?
Winter Hardship Payments were paid directly into bank account of families who satisfied the criteria set by 
Scottish Government.  A very small number of payments were also made via Paypoint.
2. Did you use this grant to distribute financial support to families of children eligible for Free School Meals?
Payments were made to parents/carer of school age children eligible for Free School Meals, based on a low 

3. How many children were eligible for Free School Meals?
Based on the Scottish Government Winter Hardship Payment criteria, 5444 children were eligible.
4. When will you be awarding the new £100 COVID Spring Hardship Payment?
Spring Hardship Payments were paid in April 2021.
5. How will this be paid?
Spring Hardship Payments were paid directly into bank accounts of families who satisfied the criteria set by 
Scottish Government.  A very small number of payments were also made via Paypoint.
6. Whilst tackling poverty and inequality, are there other settings such as early learning and childcare where payments 
will be considered?
Eligible children for the Spring Hardship payment were those in school and in early learning and childcare, 
who received a Free School Meal based on a low income. This included children who had no recourse to 
public funds or considered eligible at local authority discretion to promote wellbeing.

In exercising this discretion, the Local Authority included the following children as being entitled to the 
Spring Hardship Payment:-

Early learning and childcare children who were included in a Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction 
claim and children in P1 -P3 who received a School Clothing Grant.

7. Which role(s) and job functions manage the contract for this service?
Winter and Spring Hardship Payments were administered by the Benefit Delivery Team within Customer 
Services & IT in Dundee City Council.

The Benefit Delivery Team assess entitlement to Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, Free School Meals, 
Education Maintenance Allowance and Discretionary Housing Payments.

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464610 or write to Scottish Information Commissioner, Kinburn Castle, Doubledykes Road, St Andrews, 
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Yours faithfully
Kenneth McKaig
Legal Manager