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Dear Mr Walker 
Freedom of Information Request Reference No: FOI/259/08 & 260/08 
I write in connection with your request for information received by the Norfolk Constabulary.  I note 
you seek access to the following information: 
1. Has Chief Constable Ian McPherson ever attended a Common Purpose 
     training course? If so please list the courses he has attended, their dates, their 
     cost and details of who paid for them. 
     2. Is Chief Constable Ian McPherson a Common Purpose "graduate"? 
1.Police turnover with  Common Purpose UK in 2006/07 & 2007/08 and copies of all invoices. 
2. According to Common Purpose's literature, Mr McPherson sits on their advisory group in 
Norfolk. On this basis can you send me copies of all letters & email traffic including 
attachments between Mr McPherson (or  p/a) and Common Purpose from September 2007  -
 June  2008. 
3. Recently (March / April 08) the MD of Common Purpose - Caroline Duckworth  wrote to Mr 
McPherson regarding freedom of information requests. Please send me a copy of this letter. 
In response to your request, you have in June 08 requested information from Norfolk Constabulary 
names of staff who are graduates of Common Purpose. In our response we stated that the names 
of any employee who attended a Common Purpose training course was considered to be personal 
data and your request was refused on application of the exemption at S.40(2) Personal 
Information. Whilst this request is specific to Mr McPherson, as he was employed as Chief 
Constable at the time of your previous request, this request is for the same information. I am 
refusing this request under S.14(2) of the Freedom of Information Act on the basis that it is 
repeated. I would also add that Norfolk Constabulary does not record on an employees’ training, 
qualifications or skills records whether they are a ‘graduate’ of Common Purpose and therefore this 
information is not held. 

In response to Part 1 of your request you were provided with details of expenditure for this period 
in response to your previous request and I am refusing this part of your request under S.14(2) of 
the Freedom of Information Act as repeated. Referring to your request for copies of invoices, a 
request under the Act is for information and not documents. The invoices will show the total 
expenditure as has already been provided. 
In response to part 2 & 3 of your request, persons who sit on Common Purpose Advisory Panels 
do so in a personal capacity and not as representatives of their employer or organisation. Any 
information relating to a person’s involvement with Common Purpose would be deemed as non-
official information. The Information Commissioner has produced some guidance on the 
application of the Act to such information as follows: 
‘These communications would not be caught by FOI, provided they were not created by a member 
of staff in the course of their official duties’. Therefore, the information you have requested is not 
held by Norfolk Constabulary. 
I would like to thank you for your interest in the Norfolk Constabulary, and I can confirm that a copy 
of this response will be published in the “Disclosure Log” section of the Norfolk Constabulary’s 
web-site under the category “Chief Constable’s Office”.  You can access the disclosure log via the 
following web-link:,540
Should you have any further queries concerning this request, please contact me quoting the 
reference number shown above. 
Yours sincerely, 
Dawn Clarke 
Data Protection & Freedom of Information Manager 
Professional Standards Department
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Your Right to Request a Review of Decisions Made Under the Terms of the Freedom of 
Information Act (2000).
If you are unhappy with how your request has been handled, or if you think the decision is 
incorrect, you have the right to ask the Norfolk Constabulary to review their decision. 
Prior to lodging a formal request for a review, you are welcome, and encouraged, to discuss the 
decision with the case officer that dealt with your request. 
Ask the Norfolk Constabulary to look at the decision again.
If you are dissatisfied with the decision made by the Norfolk Constabulary under the Freedom of 
Information Act (2000), regarding access to information, you must notify the Norfolk Constabulary 
that you are requesting a review within 2 months of the date of its response to your Freedom of 
Information request.  Requests for a review should be made in writing and addressed to
Freedom of Information Decision Maker 
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In all possible circumstances the Norfolk Constabulary will aim to respond to your complaint within 
2 months
The Information Commissioner.
After lodging a request for a review with the Norfolk Constabulary, if you are still dissatisfied with 
the decision, you can apply to the Information Commissioner for a decision on whether the request 
for information has been dealt with in accordance with the requirements of the Act. 
For information on how to make application to the Information Commissioner please visit their 
website at or contact them at the address shown below: 
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