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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
How the service will work
The Home Office is updating its processes and systems for all people 
who are not citizens of an European Economic Area country applying 
to reside in the UK for more than 6 months.
BRPs are important documents and 
Throughout this journey the BRP envelope is scanned 
the Home Office wants to ensure 
in and out of a tracking system so that we know 
the location of every BRP at any given time. 
that they are delivered to the correct 
Scott’s BRP is delivered to Oxford Crown branch by 
person. The fol owing example 
 a couple of 
explains how the process will work.
days after manufacture, together with 

A branch col eague takes delivery and confirms this on 
Scott Hogan is a 19-year-old Australian citizen living in 
Horizon Online as per existing process, opens the pouch, 
Perth. Scott applied to Oxford University to study medicine  checks the BRPs against a manifest inside the pouch and 
and has been accepted. Scott applies for a BRP using the 
scans all the BRPs into Horizon Online as being received.
online application process. He supplies all the relevant 
Scott enters the UK and his vignette is date stamped on 
information including an address in Oxford where he 
entry. A few days later he goes to Oxford Crown branch 
is going to be living. He intends to share a flat with his 
to col ect his BRP. The col eague who serves him:
cousin who is already studying at Oxford. Based on the 
postcode of this flat, he is al ocated Oxford Crown branch 
• Launches the service on Horizon Online
from where he will col ect his BRP. Scott also visits a visa 
• Conducts ID checks and ensures the 
application centre in Perth to submit his biometrics, i.e. 
vignette has been stamped
digital photograph, fingerprints and digital signature.
• Obtains the BRP envelope from storage, opens 
Scott’s application is successful and he is sent a 
it and completes a photograph comparison
decision letter by the Home Office stating the 
terms of his stay in the UK and from which branch 
• Scans the BRP out from Horizon Online as being issued
he should col ect his BRP. A temporary visa, cal ed 
• Captures some information from Scott such as 
a vignette is inserted into his passport. This al ows 
a telephone number and current address
Scott to enter the UK and lasts for 30 days only.
• Hands Scott a receipt as proof of issue
Approximately one week prior to when Scott is due 
to arrive in the UK, his details are sent
The information captured as part of the transaction 

is sent overnight to the Home Office along with 
Scott’s BRP is manufactured containing his biometric 
all the other transactions completed that day.
details and placed in a window envelope. Scott’s 
can be seen through the envelope window. 
The BRP is picked up by a 
Throughout its journey the BRP 
and transported to the 
envelope is scanned in and out of 
. It is sorted and dispatched to the 
appropriate depot ready for delivery to Oxford Crown 
a tracking system so that we know 
branch on their next scheduled 
its location at any given time. 
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Storage and security
BRPs are extremely valuable 
Siting of 
documents as they give access to 
screenless branches
work, medical care and benefits in 
In these types of branches, BRP 
MUST be kept 
the UK so they need to be stored 
in a 
 which is 
careful y and be provided with 
inaccessible to customers and out of sight of customers. 
adequate security at all times. 
This measure reduces the risk of theft as
You have been supplied with 
than in 
 in which to store 
all BRP envelopes ready for col ection. On receipt 
Security – general
and after each BRP envelope has been remmed into 
It is important that the fol owing rules are adhered to in 
Horizon Online, the BRP envelopes must be filed 
order to keep all BRPs safe. There will be financial penalties 
, then 
 in this 
on Post Office Limited if BRPs are lost or damaged whilst in 
 to separate each letter.
our possession. The customer will also be inconvenienced 
as there will be a delay in supplying a replacement BRP. 
Overnight storage and security
Please ensure al  counter col eagues understand these rules:
All BRP envelopes must be stored in a Post Office 
 at all times when your branch is closed. 
At the end of business each day simply place the 
. However, it is appreciated 
 can be limited and there 
may not be room for the 
 BRP envelopes 
and their dividers may be taken out of the 
Siting of 
screened branches
 holding the BRP envelopes needs to be 
easily accessible during opening hours to al  counter 
col eagues. This will avoid delays to service to customers 
col ecting their BRPs. Screened branches must site their 
. It should be sited at 
 area so that it is inaccessible 
to customers. It can be sited on an appropriate shelf, 
cupboard or work surface. All counter col eagues must 
be made aware of where it is kept. It could also be 
sited in a 
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
BRP customer col ection
The principle of the service is that BRP envelopes 
Children under 18 years of age 
must only be given to a customer once the necessary 
checks have been carried out on the customer’s 
Home Office regulations do not al ow unaccompanied 
documentation, and you are satisfied that you 
children under the age of 18 to be issued with their BRP. 
are handing the BRP to the correct person.
It is therefore very important that when a child under the 
This is the value that Post Office adds and it is 
age of 18 visits your branch wanting to obtain their BRP, 
vital that the checks described in the fol owing 
that you only process their col ection as part of a Family 
sections are conducted on every occasion.
Col ection. The col ector for the family must be 18 or over.
Types of customer col ection
Full details of the Family Col ection process are on page 18. 
If the child is not part of a Family Col ection, then please 
There are 4 types of customer col ection:
refuse the transaction.
1  Applicant collection – the applicant comes into 
your branch to col ect his/her BRP. This is expected 
to be the most common type of col ection.
2  Family col ection – a family member, who 
must be 18 or over, comes into your branch 
to col ect the BRP for the family group.
3  Third party col ection – a third party, such 
as a friend, relative or work col eague arrives in 
branch to col ect a BRP. Home Office authorisation 
is required for this type of col ection.
The fol owing sections will explain how you issue a BRP 
for each type of col ection. However, the documentation 
the customer is required to produce is similar in all 
cases, and the checks you need to undertake on that 
documentation is identical in all cases. So the next section 
explains these documents and the checks required.
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Vignette – this is a temporary visa which al ows the 
holder entry into the UK. It will be printed or stuck 
in the travel document. You must check that:
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
How to issue a BRP
When a customer enters your branch 
to col ect his or her BRP, please 
fol ow the procedures below: 
The information captured during the transaction, including 
your confi rmation that the necessary checks have been 
conducted, will be sent overnight to the Home Offi  ce.
At the outset ask the customer if he/she is col ecting only 
their own BRP, BRPs for their family or a BRP for someone 
else. This will determine which type of col ection you 
need to fol ow.
During the col ection you will be asked to confi rm that the 
 of the reference number on the applicant’s travel 
document matches with the 
 on the 
 The il ustration 
below shows the location of these 
Whenever you are prompted to input the applicant's name 
into Horizon Online, please type in the name as printed on 
the BRP card.
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Family col ection
Customers are able to col ect BRPs on behalf 
of family members. Only one family group 
member needs to be present in the branch 
provided that they fulfil the criteria below:
• They must be col ecting their own BRP
• They must be 18 or over
• There is a family connection detailed on the 
vignette of each family member. Please see page 
19 on how to check the family connection
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Third party col ection
The Home Office permits a third party to be able to 
The email needs to be shown to you by the third party at the 
col ect a BRP. A third party is someone other than the 
counter. It can either be a printed paper copy or displayed 
applicant or a family member. Typical y a third party 
on a mobile electronic device such as a smartphone or 
will be a friend, a relative who is not col ecting a BRP, a 
tablet. An example of the contents is shown below.
solicitor acting for the applicant or a work col eague. 

 will also be sent to your branch.  
In order for a third party to col ect a BRP, an application 
 will be sent to you by 
must be made to the Home Office who will authorise 
 and on receipt you must attach them to the 
a named third party to col ect an applicant’s BRP. The 
Home Office will send an email to the third party 
An example of the 
 which will be sent to 
detailing the branch name and the documents the 
your branch is shown below left.
third party needs to provide at the Post Office. 
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Facial matching – photographs
During a col ection you are asked to compare the 
photograph on the vignette to the col ecting customer or, 
in the case of Third Party col ections, to the photograph 
in an ID document such as a passport or photocard 
driving licence. You are also asked to compare the 
photograph on the BRP with the vignette photograph. 
To help you make these comparisons effectively and 
ensure the BRP is handed to the correct customer, please 
use the guidance below. 
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Cultural and religious needs
During the col ection, a photo comparison with the 
Every effort should be made to 
col ecting customer will be required. While for the 
majority of people this poses no problems, some 
provide privacy when requested. 
customers will have particular cultural or religious needs 
and these must be respected and handled sensitively.
If it is not possible at that time, 
For example, some female customers will wear a 
the customer should be given 
face covering. Please ask the customer to remove 
this covering in order to complete a photo match. 
options as to when their privacy 
However, you must check that the customer is happy 
to do so, and if not, under what conditions she is able 
can be accommodated.
to comply, e.g. being served by a female Post Office 
counter col eague or away from public view. Where 
feasible, Post Office col eagues of either gender should 
be available to serve customers for this service.
Every effort should be made to provide privacy when 
requested. If it is not possible to meet such a need at that 
time, the customer should be given options when the 
customer’s preference may be able to be accommodated. 
For example, returning at a later time or on another day. 
If the customer’s request cannot be accommodated at 
all they should be referred back to the Home Office 
by giving them the Home Office leaflet Misc1509 
and advised to fol ow the instructions it contains.
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Biometric Residence Permit Secure Collection Service Training Workbook
Vignette issues when  
col ecting for under 18s 
Family Col ection  
Mum + or dad or family member 18 + years of age plus 
child(ren) under 18 all col ecting.
Linked – col ection permitted. 
Not linked – parent or family member over 18 must apply  
for either 3P or RA authorisation via Home Office website. 
Col ection for under 18 only  
Mum + or dad or family member 18 + years of age plus 
child(ren) under 18 only col ecting for child(ren). 
Linked – col ection permitted. 
Not linked –parent/family member over 18 must apply  
for either 3P or RA authorisation via Home Office website. 
3p/SA collection where the under 18s vignette/passport 
has not been stamped. The applicant MUST be present at 
the time of col ection.
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