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Your reference:  
Our reference: FOI2021/00098 
Rohit Ammal Kaitheri 
17 March 2021 

Dear Rohit Ammal Kaitheri, 
Freedom of Information Request – FOI2021/00098 
I am writing in response to your email received by Post Office Limited (“Post Office”) 
on 17 February, which I am dealing with under the terms of the Freedom of 
Information Act 2000 (“FOIA”).  
In your email you have requested the following information. I can confirm that Post 
Office does hold the information you have requested 
This is regarding BRP redirection service from an indefinitely closed post 
office, e.g. Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 1PN, to an open Post Office, e.g., 
Manchester Spring Gardens Post Office M2 1BB.  

The Manager at M2 1BB Post Office claims the service cannot be delivered 
unless the Post Office Manager at ST5 1PN responds. In case of Post Office 

indefinitely closed due to Covid19 spread risk, as per procedure set out for 
Post Office staff, is the Manager at the said Post Office not obligated to 

respond to any email from official emails sent by other open Post Offices. 
In case of non-response from the Manager of the closed Post Office, what is 
the plan charted out by Post Office Management to recover all the pending 

works or mitigate further delays such as these? 
•  Under normal circumstances the request(s) is fulfilled within 7 working days. 
•  In the case of e.g. Newcastle Under Lyme (NUL) being closed for Covid related 
reasons this has not been possible. 
•  An alternative branch in the same area, e.g. Wolstanton, has now been author-
ised to conduct BRP secure card collect business. 
•  All BRPs which were at NUL at the time of closure have now been transferred 
to Wolstanton. 
•  There are 4 outstanding BRP redirections to Manchester Spring Gardens which 
were not at NUL at the time of closure. 
•  These BRPs are currently with a POL Stock Centre or CViT delivery hub and are 
due to be delivered to Wolstanton on Wednesday 17/03/21. 
•  Any outstanding BRPs showing as available at Wolstanton will be redirected to 
Manchester as a matter of urgency. 
If you have any queries about this response, please contact me. Do remember to 
quote the reference number above in any future communications. 

I hope the information I have provided on this occasion is useful, however if you are 
dissatisfied with the handling of this response, you do have a right to request an 
internal review. You can do this by writing to the address below stating your reasons 
for your internal review request.  
Information Rights Manager 
Post Office Limited 
Information Rights Team 
Ground Floor 
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If, having requested an internal review by Post Office, you are still not satisfied with 
our response you also have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner at:  
Information Commissioner's Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
SK9 5AF  
Telephone: 0303 123 1113  
Yours sincerely, 
Jackie Lawrence  
Information Rights Team 
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