This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Contact details - Social Care Teams'.

Mr Kyle Logue
Kayleigh Hogg
Tel: 0151 934 4425
Date: 22 February 2021
Our reference: 5883582 
Dear Mr Logue
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Thank you for your request for information that was received on 17 February 2021. 
I can confirm that the information requested is held by Sefton Council. I have enclosed copies of the 
information that is being released to you. 
Please quote the reference number 5883582 in any future communications about this request.
 Section 17 (7) (a) of the Freedom of Information Act states that public authorities must provide applicants 
with details of how they may complain about the handling of their request for information should they wish 
to.  If you are not satisfied with the way your request has been dealt with then you can request an internal 
review within 40 days of receiving our response.  This should be directed to the Information Management 
and Governance Lead, 1st Floor, Magdalen House, 30 Trinity Road, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 3NJ or email:
Should you choose to request a review of the decision taken and are dissatisfied following the authority’s 
review, you are entitled under Section 17 (7) (b) of the Act to apply to the Information Commissioner for a 
decision notice. Further information can be found at:
Information Commissioner’s Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
SK9 5AF 
Telephone: 0303 123 1113 
I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours sincerely

Kayleigh Hogg