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Date: Wed, 10 Feb 2021 11:37:56 +0000
Subject: Freedom of Information request - Arrests, prosecutions and convictions for prostitution related offenses
From: Eva Levy <>
To: FOI requests at Derbyshire PCP <>

Dear Derbyshire Police and Crime Panel,

Please could you provide details of how many people have been (a) arrested for (b) prosecuted for and (c) convicted of vice-related offenses by your force for the years 2018 to 2020 inclusive; and if possible the gender and age/age-range of the persons.

Vice-related offenses include:
Loitering or Soliciting for Prostitution
Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation
Causing, Inciting and Controlling Prostitution for Gain
Keeping a Brothel
Paying for Sexual Services

If possible can you specify for each case which one of the offenses listed above it was.

Yours faithfully,

Eva Levy


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