This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Information about your dealings with Stonewall [Extraneous material removed]'.

Ermine Amies 
Force Disclosure Unit 
By email – 
Wiltshire Police HQ 
London Road 
SN10 2DN 
Tel 101 ext. 62005  
Date:  8th March 2021 
Our ref: FOI 2021/108 
Dear Ermine Amies, 
I acknowledge receipt of your email dated 8th March 2021 requesting that Wiltshire Police review its 
response to your request for information, specifically regarding misconduct statistics. 
The review wil  be conducted in accordance with the Wiltshire Police’s review procedure and every 
effort wil  be made to have a response to you as soon as is practicable, with the intention to 
complete the review within 20 working days. In more complex cases the review may take up to 40 
working days. 
If you wish to discuss this matter prior to the Wilshire police response, please contact the Force 
Disclosure Unit. 
Yours sincerely, 
Force Disclosure Administrator 

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