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[11/06/2019, 13:34:09] Max Wakefield: ‎Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this 
chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them.
[11/06/2019, 13:34:09] Max Wakefield: Hi Sharon,
[11/06/2019, 13:34:14] Max Wakefield: Max here from Trump Baby
[11/06/2019, 13:34:43] Max Wakefield: Sorry I missed your call - pretty slammed today and at a work event 
this evening, could maybe talk tomorrow lunch or sometime later in the week?
[11/06/2019, 13:36:05] Sharon Ament: Not a problem will catch you tomorrow.
[11/06/2019, 13:39:40] Max Wakefield: cool - will give you a call sometime between 1-2
[12/06/2019, 13:03:54] Max Wakefield: with you in about 10min ?
[12/06/2019, 13:04:19] Sharon Ament: Ok
[02/07/2019, 09:19:41] Max Wakefield: hi Sharon - no probs this end having conferred
[02/07/2019, 09:20:07] Sharon Ament: Thanks
[02/12/2020, 17:54:53] Max Wakefield: Hi Sharon. Hope you're good? Max here from the Trump Babysitters. 
With the Donald now on his way out, TB is heading for retirement. Would now be a good time to discuss 
formally handing him over? He could do with a home!
[02/12/2020, 18:01:16] Sharon Ament: Yes love to. I’m a bit out of it at the moment recovering from an 
illness, probably back in full swing next week. Connect then?
[02/12/2020, 18:45:35] Max Wakefield: Oh I'm sorry to hear that Sharon - hope you're feeling better as 
soon as possible. Next week is good for me, just let me know when you're feeling up to it
[02/12/2020, 18:55:33] Sharon Ament: Will do
[02/12/2020, 18:56:25] Max Wakefield: . Feel better!
[08/12/2020, 09:49:25] Sharon Ament: Hi Max back on it. I need to connect you to our Head of Collections 
Glyn Davies who’s raring to go. He can deal with the logistics etc then we can pick it up after that. Does that 
sound ok?
[08/12/2020, 10:31:42] Max Wakefield: Yes sounds great
[08/12/2020, 10:31:50] Max Wakefield: Glad to hear you're feeling better!
[08/12/2020, 10:32:01] Max Wakefield: And just shout when you need us basically
[08/12/2020, 12:04:29] Sharon Ament: What’s your email?
[08/12/2020, 13:12:39] Max Wakefield: 
[08/12/2020, 14:44:31] Sharon Ament: Great will give it to Glyn.
[08/12/2020, 14:44:58] Max Wakefield: 
[07/01/2021, 14:40:16] Sharon Ament: Hi Max we’d love to have Trump Baby put to bed before the 20th, it 
being a significant date. Is that possible?
[07/01/2021, 14:41:20] Max Wakefield: that's funny... I was just thinking myself this would be a neat 
achievement if possible
[07/01/2021, 14:41:37] Max Wakefield: fun for you guys to announce the day of inauguration - if that's 
something you were thinking of doing
[07/01/2021, 14:43:08] Sharon Ament: It would mark a magnificent end to a less than magnificent human 
being. Yes we would, in fact some great pictures of it being deflated, and being put back in his box would 
really be great. I can connect you to Laura our PR guru.
[07/01/2021, 14:54:30] Max Wakefield: love that
[07/01/2021, 14:54:35] Max Wakefield: glad we've been thinking the same thing
[07/01/2021, 14:54:56] Max Wakefield: I mean basically from our side of things I don't think there's much 
hold up beyond physically getting it to you
[07/01/2021, 14:55:03] Max Wakefield: which is easy, but a week's run-in would help
[07/01/2021, 14:55:20] Max Wakefield: other bits of paraphenalia can follow on presumably?
[07/01/2021, 14:55:51] Sharon Ament: I’ll connect you via WhatsApp to Laura, also if there’s anything 
logistically you need we may be able to help.
[07/01/2021, 14:56:25] Sharon Ament: Yes we can sort out that, oral histories etc in due course.
[07/01/2021, 14:56:49] Max Wakefield: great
[07/01/2021, 14:57:05] Max Wakefield: I'll check the TB team are happy with this - but I don't expect any 
issues there
[07/01/2021, 14:57:31] Max Wakefield: but would be good to know asap when would actually work for a 
handover, given 20th is round the corner
[07/01/2021, 14:57:48] Max Wakefield: (who knows maybe he'll be impeached before then!)
[07/01/2021, 15:00:17] Sharon Ament: Oooo yes let’s hope.

[07/01/2021, 15:00:34] Sharon Ament: I’ll connect you to my gang.
[07/01/2021, 15:00:43] Max Wakefield: 
[18/01/2021, 18:51:25] Max Wakefield: happy days on the TB front
[18/01/2021, 18:51:28] Max Wakefield: a job well done!
[18/01/2021, 18:51:51] Max Wakefield: thanks for all your enthusiasm and help to make this happen, he 
couldn't have found a better home
[18/01/2021, 19:02:30] Sharon Ament: Brilliant thanks Babysitters this one is put to bed. Love working with 
you, you’ve created a piece of History which is now part of The Linton Collection. Take care.
[18/01/2021, 19:02:42] Sharon Ament: And keep changing the world.
[18/01/2021, 19:11:39] Max Wakefield: 
[18/01/2021, 19:12:00] Max Wakefield: I'm not sure we changed the world, but we made it a bit more 
colourful for a bit at least!
[18/01/2021, 19:13:01] Sharon Ament: ‎♀
[18/01/2021, 19:13:36] Max Wakefield: See you in the new museum in a few years time! Good luck getting 
that one over the line...
[18/01/2021, 19:14:57] Sharon Ament: Cheers. You’ll all be invited to the opening ceremony if not to other 
stuff before.
[18/01/2021, 19:17:56] Max Wakefield: Woop! Last time I saw on the website things were looking very 
exciting. Bring on 2024...
[18/01/2021, 19:52:31] Sharon Ament: 
[20/01/2021, 12:17:49] Max Wakefield: assume this came across your desk. it's a nice piece from 
[20/01/2021, 12:24:57] Sharon Ament: Yes great 

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