This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'IT Print and PC Supplier'.

Ref: FOI/3271 
15 February 2021 
Matthew Varns 
Dear Mr M Varns, 
Further to your enquiry, which we received on 18 January 2021, you requested the following 
We would be grateful if you could help in answering our request for information for 
the following questions; answering for A-F on questions 1-8. 
a) Photocopiers/MFDs (Multi-Functional Devise) 
b) Printers 
c) Print room / reprographic 
d) Desktops 
e) Laptops 
f) Displays 
Q1. Please name all the IT resellers that you have contacts with and buy from. 
Q2.  What  is  the  length  of  the  contracts,  more  specifically  their  end  date,  with  the 
named IT resellers in question 1. 
Q3. What year and month is the next hardware refresh due? 
Q4. Please name the number of devices deployed by University? 
Q5. In reply to question 4, which department/facility are those located? 
Q6.  Please  name  the  brand  and  model  of  the  devices  mentioned  and  the  spend  for 
each product. 
Q7. Details on how these were procured. i.e. By Framework i. Procurement method ii. 
If Framework, please state which one. 
Q8. Do you normally purchase equipment as services or as a capital? 
Q9. What is your annual print/copy volume and spend? 
Q10. Who is the person(s) within your organization responsible for the MFD's, print 
hardware, and supplies contract(s)? Please provide their title and their contact details. 
Q11. Who is responsible for purchasing end user devices such as laptops, desktops, 
displays and accessories? Please provide their title, and their contact details. 
Please find attached a spreadsheet containing all of the information you requested. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with the spend for each product under section 
43  of  the  Freedom of  Information  Act  as  this  would  prejudice  commercial  interests and  is 
therefore exempt from release.   
If you are dissatisfied with our response you have the right to appeal in line with guidance 
from the Information Commissioner: 

FOI/… continued 
In the first instance you may write to the Chief Executive Officer of this Trust 
•  Anthony Marsh 
Regional Headquarters 
Millennium Point 
Waterfront Way 
Brierley Hill 
West Midlands 
DY5 1LX 
Tel: 01384 215555 
The Chief Executive Officer will then appoint a nominated deputy to oversee and respond to 
the appeal with their approval.  
Should  you  disagree  with  the  contents  of  this  letter  you  have  the  right  to  appeal  to  the 
Information Commissioner at: 
•  Information Commissioner’s Office, 
Wycliffe House,  
Water Lane, 
SK9 5AF 
Tel:  0303 123 1113  
If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 
Yours sincerely 
Aimee Summers 
Freedom of Information Officer