This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'FOI Request: Organisational Structure for Commissioning and Procurement Teams'.

Sam John 
IAO Team
sent by email 
Surrey County Council | Woodhatch Place |11 
Cockshot Hill | Reigate | Surrey | RH2 8EF 
27 January 2021 
Your ref:
Our ref: 974120 
Dear Mr John
Freedom of Information Act 2000
RE: IR - Procurement teams 
You requested the following:
 Please could you provide the current/latest organisational structure for the 
Commissioning and Procurement teams, including the names, job titles and 
contact details of all mid and senior management. 
I can confirm that the information requested is held by Surrey County Council. I have 
detailed below the information that is being released to you.  
The Procurement Structure is available on the Surrey Website. This shows the 
Structure with Job titles and amounts of staff in each role. It covers all of Orbis 
Procurement which means that Some of the job roles in the combined areas such as 
“Policy Resource and Development” and “Contract and Supply Chain” could be filled by 
staff from any of the three Councils.

The only name given on this is Darron Cox as Orbis Director of Procurement. 
The remainder of the staff names are considered to be the personal data of those 
individuals and exempt under Section 40 (2) by virtue of Section 40 (3A) (a) of the 
Freedom of Information Act 2000 (as amended).  Disclosure under the Freedom of 
Information Act is deemed to be to the public at large.  This information cannot be 
disclosed because its disclosure to a member of the public would contravene one or 
more of the data protection principles relating to the processing of personal information. 
They are set out in Article 5 (1) of the General Data Protection Regulation and section 
34(1) of the Data Protection Act 2018.  As a public authority, Surrey County Council 
must observe all of the data protection principles when processing personal data.  The 

exemption from the duty to disclose personal data where to do so would breach a data 
protection principle is an absolute exemption; the public interest test in section 2 of the 
Freedom of Information Act does not apply.
We require any contact with the Council to be made through the Contact Centre in the 
first instance.

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I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours faithfully

Mary Elliott 
Freedom of Information Officer