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Ms April Ryan 
Wednesday 09 December 2020 
Dear Ms Ryan, 
I am writing to confirm that the University has now completed its search for the 
information which you requested on 24 November 2020. 
You requested the following: 
Could you please share the following information:  
1.  Over your past 5 year cohort, how many disabled students enrolled on 
your BA (Hons) Journalism and Culture course? 
Brunel University London Journalism and Culture course only started running in 
2018/19, so we are unable to provide 5 years of cohort information. Since the course 
Journalism and Culture started in 2018/19 we have had five disabled students enrol. 
2.  Of that number, how many disabled students graduated with 
accreditation from either the NCTJ, the BTJC or the PPA?  
The number of disabled students that have graduated the Journalism and Culture 
course since it started running in 2018/19 with accreditation from either NCTJ, the 
BTJC or the PPA is two students. 
3.  How many students, if any, had to withdraw from the programme over 
the past 5 years? 
Brunel University London haven’t had any students withdraw from Journalism and 
Culture since it started running in 2018/19. 
4.  Of that cohort, how many needed reasonable adjustments in order to 
complete their course? 
Brunel University London made reasonable adjustments for two students in order to 
complete their Journalism and Culture course. 

We believe we have provided you with all the information you requested.  However, if 
you are unhappy with the way the University has handled your request, or with the 
information you have received, you may ask for an internal review.  You can do this 
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Chief Information Officer 
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If we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you have the right to 
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision.  The Information 
Commissioner can be contacted at: 
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