This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'To: Lord Mayor Cllr. Anna Rothery Ref: West tree Estates Liverpool L8'.

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Information Team 
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Dear Ms Bett… 
Freedom of Information Request 5826257 
Thank you for your recent request. 
With regard to the content of your submission, this comprises speculation, comment and 
expression of opinion in relation to individuals and seeks comment from individuals as 
opposed to information held by a public authority, for which purpose Freedom of Information 
legislation exists. This submission is therefore not a valid request for information in its 
In relation to the comments and speculation you make relating to individuals – 
Warning – Submission of Information Requests with 
potentially Defamatory Content 
It is our assessment that the content of your statements within your request are in whole or 
part potentially defamatory in nature, that these identify or refer to individuals and are being 
published by yourself through the use of a public website forum to third parties. 
We would further advise you that the defamatory statements made by yourself either 
directly or through recognised aliases and contained within the information requests 
referenced above fall within the meaning of Article 14(1)(a) of the E-Commerce Directive 
(2000/31/EC). Under the law of England and Wales, a defamatory statement is one which 
tends to lower the claimant in the estimation of right thinking members of society generally 
(Sim v Stretch [1936] 2 All ER 1237). 
We would further advise that a defamatory statement is published at the place where it is 
read, heard or seen, and is not where the material was first placed on the internet. In 
internet cases, therefore, provided a small number of people have access to the material 
on the internet in England, the English courts will have jurisdiction to hear the claim against 
a foreign defendant (Spiliada Maritime Corp v Cansulex Ltd [1987] A.C. 460). 
We would therefore advise that you take prompt action to remove or disabled access to the 
Offending Webpages. 
In the event that this confirmation is not received, the individuals named directly or by 
implication within the above referenced information requests and publicly displayed on the 
Offending Websites shall reserve the right to issue proceedings against you seeking relief 
for defamation.  
The remedies that may be available to the these individuals include an injunction 
restraining further publication of the Offending Statement [pending trial], damages, legal 
costs and interest. 
  Liverpool City Council Information Team 
Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1DS 

This concludes our response.  
The City Council will consider appeals, referrals or complaints in respect of your Freedom 
of Information Act 2000 and you must submit these in writing to within 28 days of receiving your response. The 
matter will be dealt with by an officer who was not previously involved with the response 
and we will look to provide a response within 40 days. 
If you remain dissatisfied you may also apply to the Information Commissioner for 
a decision about whether the request for information has been dealt with in 
accordance with the Freedom of Information Act 2000. The Information 
Commissioner’s website is and the postal address and telephone 
numbers are:- Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, 
Wilmslow, Cheshire SK95AF.  Telephone 0303 123 1113.  Email – (they advise that their email is not secure) 
We trust this information satisfies your enquiry.  
Yours sincerely 
Information Team 
  Liverpool City Council Information Team 
Cunard Building, Water Street, Liverpool, L3 1DS