This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Number of Long-Leasehold Residential Properties'.

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Mr Rob Heale
Via email
Date: 30 September 2020
Dear Mr Heale
Freedom of Information Act 2000 - 9033320
Thank you for your request for information, which we received on 8 September 
2020 and processed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.
You requested:
1. How many Long-Leasehold homes are there in:- 
(a) England? 
(b) Wales? 
(c) Scotland? 
(d) Northern Ireland? 

2. Of these, how many are flats? 
3. How many are Council managed? 
4. How many are managed by Housing Associations? 
5. How many are private?”
We can confirm that the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local 
Government publishes statistics on leasehold homes. However, we are unable to 
differentiate between ‘long’ and ‘short’ leaseholds; and so we do not hold information 
specifically on ‘long-leasehold’ homes. The department also only publishes statistics  
on leaseholds for England and not for other countries of the United Kingdom.
We have detailed below the information that the department holds in relation to your 
request, which has been taken from the report ‘Estimating the number of leasehold 
dwellings in England, 2018 to 2019
1. How many Long-Leasehold homes are there in:-
(a) England?
 In 2018-19 there were 4.5 million leasehold homes in England.

(b) Wales? We do not hold information for Wales, but please contact, who may be able to help.
(c) Scotland? We do not hold information for Scotland, but please contact 
xxx@xxx.xxxx, who may be able to help.
(d) Northern Ireland? We do not hold information for Northern Ireland, but 
please contact, who may be able to help.
2. Of these, how many are flats? In 2018-19 there were 3.2 million leasehold 
flats in England.
3. How many are Council managed? In 2018-19 there were 36,000 Local 
Authority owned leasehold homes in England.
4. How many are managed by Housing Associations? In 2018-19 there were 
198,000 Housing Association owned leasehold homes in England.
5. How many are private? In 2018-19 there were 4.2 million privately owned 
leasehold homes in England, of these 2.5 million were owner occupied, and 
1.8 million privately rented.
These statistics can all be found in our recent report Estimating the number of 
leasehold dwellings in England, 2018 to 2019 and the accompan
ying annex tables: 
Estimating the number of leasehold dwellings in England, 2018 to 2019: tables.
Should you have any further questions you can contact the English Housing Survey 
team at the following email address:
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Yours sincerely