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Advanced Manufacturing and Services 
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Ms Eleanor Shaikh  
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  those with hearing impairment)  
04 September 2020 
Dear Ms Shaikh, 
Thank you for contacting the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) 
regarding Post Office Limited (POL), governance arrangements between BEIS, UKGI and POL 
and the Horizon litigation. We have dealt with your 20 requests under the Freedom of 
Information Act 2000 (the Act). These are detailed in the Annex to this letter.   
Unfortunately, the Department is unable to comply with your requests.  
Under the Act you have the right to see recorded information held by public authorities – that is 
information recorded in any form e.g. documents. It does not cover the creation of new 
information or enquiries such as "please explain your policy on x" or "please explain your 
decision to do y". A number of your requests are not requesting recorded information. For 
further guidance please see -
In addition, Section 12 of the Act relieves public authorities of the duty to comply with a request 
for information if the cost of dealing with it would exceed the appropriate limit.     
Section 12(1) of the Act provides that “Section 1(1) [general right of access to information held 
by public authorities] does not oblige a public authority to comply with a request for information 
if the authority estimates that the cost of complying with the request would exceed the 
appropriate limit”.
 The appropriate limit for central Government is set at £600. This represents 
the estimated cost of one person spending 3.5 working days in determining whether the 
Department holds the information, and locating, retrieving and extracting it.     
The Regulations provide that the costs of answering more than one request can be added 
together or aggregated for the purposes of estimating whether the appropriate limit would be 
exceeded in relation to any one of those requests in the following circumstances:     
•  two or more requests for information must have been made to the same public authority; 
•  they must be either from the same person, or from 'different persons who appear to the 
public authority to be acting in concert or in pursuance of a campaign'; 
•  the requests must relate to the same or similar information; 

•  they must have been received by the public authority within a space of 60 consecutive 
working days. 
We consider that your requests fall within these circumstances, and therefore they can be 
aggregated. In particular, we consider that your requests relate to the same or similar 
information; that is information relating to POL, the Horizon court case and communication 
about the court case between Government Departments.   
We are satisfied that the estimated costs of complying with your requests would exceed the 
applicable limit of £600. In considering what the estimated costs would be we have, for 
example, noted that some of your requests would require us to search through significant 
amounts of information to establish whether or not the specific information you have requested 
is included in the information we hold. In these circumstances we are not prepared to comply 
with your requests.   
Under Section 16 of the Act, BEIS is obliged to provide advice and assistance to prevent your 
request from exceeding the cost limit noted above. Where you have requested recorded 
information, a number of these requests cover a number of years and request multiple 
documents from different sources.  We advise that you prioritise the top one or two requests, 
along with narrowing down the time period in question and requesting specific documents. It is 
also worth noting that, multiple requests within a single item of correspondence are separate 
requests for the purpose of section 12 of the Act. You should therefore only make one or two 
requests per correspondence, consider prioritising the top one or two requests and narrowing 
down the time period in question. Finally, we should also advise that a refined request may 
continue to engage the cost limit under the Act, because there is no central repository housing 
all potential information held by BEIS relevant to your requests.   
Appeals procedure  
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an internal 
review. Internal review requests should be submitted within two months of the date of receipt of 
the response to your original request and should be addressed to the Information Rights & 
Records Unit. It would be helpful if you can tell us why you are dissatisfied with the response to 
your request so we may address this during the internal review.  
Information Rights & Records Unit 
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy 
151 Buckingham Palace Road 
London SW1W 9SZ 
Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications. 
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to apply directly 
to the Information Commissioner for a decision. Complaints can be made to the Information 
Commissioner via their website at
Yours sincerely,  
Advanced Manufacturing and Services 
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Number &  
BEIS Ref. No. 
1. FOI2020/27669 
10/08/2020   As part of its inquiry into the Post Office and Horizon, the Chair of the BEIS Select 
Committee asked its former CEO, Paula Vennells, for information concerning the 
involvement of UKGI officials in discussions about Horizon at Board level. In her 
letter of response (24th June 2020) Ms Vennells, stated:   
‘The UKGI directors were fully engaged in the discussions...The present UKGI 
incumbent director...was fully engaged on the Board, sub- committee and with 
ministers and lawyers at BEIS’ (p17, para 60 in response to Question 16).   
i) Please can you confirm the identity of the law firm who were involved on behalf 
of BEIS with which the UKGI POL representative was ‘ful y engaged’.   
ii) Please can you confirm if a representative from this law firm gave advice or was 
involved in discussions which led to POL’s application to recuse Mr Justice Fraser 
on 21st March 2019?   
iii) Please can you confirm if a representative from this law firm gave advice or 
was involved in discussions which led to POL’s appeal against the Judge’s refusal 
to recuse himself delivered by POL on 9th April 2019.    
iv) Did any lawyer representing the Department for BEIS attend any meetings of 
the POL GLO sub-Committee from the time of its inauguration in March 2018 until 
the conclusion of the litigation in December 2019?”   
2. FOI2020/28016 
10/08/2020   i) Please can you disclose the total legal costs to the Department for BEIS which 
were incurred during, and as a result of, POL’s Horizon Litigation? Please can you 
also breakdown into expenditure per tax year?   
i ) Please differentiate between costs incurred by BEIS’s legal department and 
those incurred as a result of engaging external specialist legal advice.”   
3. FOI2020/28519  
17/08/2020   In a written response to Lord Arbuthnot on 6th July 2020 , BEIS’s Parliamentary 
Under-Secretary, Lord Callanan made the following comment:   
‘Following the Common Issues Judgment in March 2019, POL advised Ministers 
that it intended to change its approach to the litigation. This included changes to 
the POL legal team and strategy...’   
i) Please can you release correspondence and/or minutes of meetings in which 
POL advised the Department for BEIS and/or its UKGI representatives of the 
aforesaid change in legal strategy after the Common Issues Judgement of March 
ii) Please can you release correspondence and/or minutes of meetings in which 
the Department for BEIS and/or its UKGI representative responded to POL’s 
information regarding the change in its legal team and strategy as a result of the 
Common Issues Judgement?   
4. FOI2020/28523  
17/08/2020   i) Was a Ministerial Direction ever sought by the BEIS’s Accounting Officer 
regarding regularity, propriety, value for money or feasibility in respect of spending 
incurred by Post Office during its High Court Horizon Litigation?   
ii) Please can you disclose whether in response a Ministerial Direction was issued 
by the Department for BEIS or by the Cabinet Office in relation to spending 
incurred by Post Office Limited during its High Court Horizon Litigation?   
iii) If so, please can you disclose correspondence detailing the grounds on which 
the request was made and reasons for whether or not it was granted.    
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5. FOI2020/28527  
17/08/2020   With regard to POL’s Horizon controversy, it has been reported that the 
Department for BEIS’s decision to conduct a review (as opposed to a judicial 
inquiry), and the terms of that review, were agreed after communications between 
the Department and No 10. (See link below).   
Please can you release correspondence between the Department for BEIS and 
No 10 in which this decision was considered and agreed?   
6. FOI2020/28530   
  17/08/2020  According to BEIS’s 2016-17 Annual Report:   
‘The Department’s senior management and governance structures have an up-to-
date view on POs’ [Partner Organisations’] risks and performance through close 
working between the Portfolio Office and the Partnerships Team. All POs provide 
regular assurance assessments that are reviewed internally, with relevant issues 
escalated through the Performance and Risk Challenge Panel, the Performance, 
Finance and Risk Committee and the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee’ 
( BEIS Annual Report 2916-17, p68).   
 i) Please can you confirm if and when the financial/reputational/strategic risks 
posed by Post Office’s Group Litigation were escalated to BEIS’s Performance 
and Risk Chal enge Panel?   
 i ) Please can you confirm if/when the financial/reputational/ strategic risks posed 
by Post Office’s Group Litigation were escalated to BEIS’s Finance and Risk 
 i i) Please can you confirm if/when the financial/reputational/ strategic risks posed 
by Post Office’s Group Litigation were escalated to BEIS’s Audit and Risk 
Assurance Committee?   
7. FOI2020/28532   
  17/08/2020  i) Please can you confirm if/when the financial/reputational/ strategic risks posed 
by POL’s Horizon High Court Litigation were escalated to the Executive 
Committee chaired by the BEIS Accounting Officer, Alex Chisholm?   
i ) Please can you confirm if/when the risk of Post Office’s Horizon High Court 
Litigation were escalated to the BEIS Board? Is the current status of Post Office 
Limited currently regarded as High Risk by the BEIS Board with regard to its 
Historical Shortfall Scheme, investigations into over 900 previous prosecutions 
related to potentially flawed Horizon evidence and active litigation at the Appeals 
i i)  When was the BEIS Advisory Legal Team (or Government Legal Department 
when the BEIS Advisory Legal Team was transferred) first consulted with regard 
to the POL Horizon High Court Litigation? Does the Government Legal 
Department currently have active involvement in Post Office’s activities regarding 
the Horizon Litigation?   
8. FOI2020/28533   
17/08/2020  In its 2017-18 Annual Report, BEIS acknowledges the ‘Limited’ GIAA rating it 
received the previous year with regard to its framework of governance, risk 
management and control.   
[A ‘Limited’ assurance rating is defined as having ‘significant weaknesses in the 
framework of governance, risk management and control such that it could be or 
could become inadequate and ineffective’. See here, p66, para 9 and ref 17 at 
bottom of page)].    
In the 2017-18 Annual Report BEIS goes on to identify remedial action for 
improvements include a focus on increasing consistency of risk management and 
on partner organisation relations. These include the introduction of systems to 
‘improve the line of sight into partner organisations’ and a ‘new methodology to 
engage and work with partner organisations’ (As above, p72, para 2 & 8). 
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i) Please can you release information which indicates whether BEIS’s relationship 
with Post Office Limited or UKGI was identified in the 2016-17, or subsequent, 
GIAA audits as needing improvement?    
ii) Please can you release documentation which details systems which were 
implemented to improve the ‘line of sight’ into Post Office Limited or UKGI in 
response to GIAA recommendations?   
9. FOI2020/28535 
17/08/2020   The 2016-17 BEIS Annual Report cites an internal audit recommendation that 
improvements would be gained from ‘developing the relationship model to 
reinforce the lines of accountability so that there is clear authority to take action 
when required; and ensuring framework documents, memoranda of 
understanding and similar documents are up-to-date, accurate and reviewed 
regularly’ (see pg 67, para 5).   
i) Please can you confirm whether any internal audit, GIAA or otherwise, identified 
Post Office Limited or UKGI as entities which lacked a Framework 
Document/Memorandum of Understanding with BEIS?   
i ) What actions were suggested as a result and when were they implemented?   
10. FOI2020/28537  
17/08/2020   According to the Department for BEIS’s Audit & Risk Assurance Committee Terms 
of Reference (p3):   
‘The Committee wil , in consultation with the Department's Accounting Officer and 
the Directors of Finance and Commercial, establish appropriate arrangements to 
identify the Arm's Length Bodies and Partner Organisations with the greatest 
potential to impact the Department's objectives and its consolidated financial 
i) When and how regularly did BEIS’s Audit & Risk Assurance Committee engage 
directly with POL or with UKGI to assess the control environments, risk 
management framework and escalation practices at POL with regard to its 
Horizon issues?    
ii) Was a higher level of scrutiny exercised by this Committee, in consultation with 
the Department’s Accounting Officer, in response to the publication of a report by 
Forensic Investigators Second Sight in April 2015 or by the announcement of the 
Group Litigation Order v POL in March 2017?   
i i) How regularly were reports from POL’s Group Litigation Subcommittee 
delivered directly, or via UKGI, to BEIS’s Audit & Risk Assurance Committee?   
11. FOI2020/28538     
  18/08/2020  During its High Court Horizon Litigation, Judge Fraser originally asked POL to 
report its legal costs to the Court at £250k intervals, but POL costs rose so rapidly 
he had to adjust the reporting interval to £500k:   
At what intervals was it decided that POL would report its legal costs to 
BEIS/UKGI and was this reporting interval ever adjusted to accommodate the high 
rate of expenditure?    
12. FOI2020/28604    
  19/08/2020  Subsequent to its oral evidence session of 3rd February 2015 regarding the Post 
Office Mediation Scheme and Horizon IT system, the BIS Committee Chair wrote 
to the department’s Secretary of State. Recommendations of the Committee 
‘We believe that your Department should have a copy of Second Sight’s final 
thematic report on the operation of the Horizon system...It is my understanding 
that, now their investigations have concluded, Second Sight are expected to 
destroy the documents they hold following their investigations. In PMQs on 11th 
March, the Prime Minister recognised that this was a potentially serious issue. IN 
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(Emphasis in original letter of 17th March 2015, p2)   
i) Please can you reveal if a copy of Second Sight’s final report was retained by 
the department?    
 i ) Does the department still hold the report and if not, when was it destroyed?    
13. FOI2020/28612   
19/08/2020  The Justice For Sub postmasters Alliance is to present a case to the 
Parliamentary Ombudsman requesting his/her investigation into the oversight of 
the Department for BEIS of the Post Office during its Horizon controversy.   
i) Please can you release the Retention Schedule of the Department for BEIS with 
regard to the retention period of information and documentation which may be 
pertinent to this investigation including: internal and external audit reports with 
supporting documents and data; risk assurance documentation, investigations 
and findings of irregularity; correspondence with Post Office Limited, UKGI, the 
Cabinet Office, HM Treasury and the Comptroller and Auditor General?   
ii) Please can you identify if this schedule covers data previously owned by the 
Department for BIS?   
iii) Has the Permanent Secretary of BEIS suspended the usual process of 
archiving and destruction of such material and if not, when will such a suspension 
be implemented so that any relevant evidence will not be destroyed?   
14. FOI2020/28744 
21/08/2020  In its 2012-13 Annual Report the Department for BIS announced its programme of 
Triennial Reviews in response to the Public Bodies Reforms designed in 2011 for 
a ‘fit for purpose Partner Organisation landscape’. 
BIS Annual Report 2012-13, p47 
i) How many Triennial Reviews has Post Office Limited been subject to, when 
were they carried out?  
ii) Please can you publish their findings, in particular recommendations regarding 
the shareholder relationship, internal and external audit, risk management, board 
effectiveness, information management, risks of IT obsolescence, or Horizon 
iii) What actions were implemented by the department and POL as a result of 
areas for improvement identified in the Triennial Reviews? 
iv) Please can you publish the Partner Organisation Assessment made by BIS of 
Royal Mail Holdings and/or the Post Office in 2011? 
(Annex C of the above report classifies Royal Mail Holdings, Post Office’s parent 
company as a Partner Organisation, p277) 
(The 2012-13 Guide to BIS published by the department categorises both POL 
and Royal Mail as Partner Organisations, p68) 
15. FOI2020/28746 
21/08/2020  i) Please can you reveal costs to the department for the services of UKGI with 
respect to its shareholder management of Post Office Limited on behalf of BEIS 
(per financial year since its inception in 2016)? 
ii) To what VFM assessment is UKGI subject with regard to the services it 
provides to the department, who conducts this assessment and how regularly? 
16. FOI2020/29010 
26/08/2020  Replying to Lord Arbuthnot during a 11th June 2020 Lords debate, BEIS’s 
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State Lord Callanan revealed the Government 
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had been aware of, and had taken information from, forensic accountants Second 
Sight’s investigations into Horizon: 
i) Please can you release communications, if any, between the department’s 
Accounting Officer and POL/ShEx/UKGI in which assurance was sought as to the 
regularity and propriety of Post Office’s General Suspense Account and multiple 
individual suspense accounts which were highlighted as matters of concern by 
Second Sight in 2015 and estimated to be in excess of £150m? 
(Second Sight Briefing Report Part Two, April 2015, p5-6, point 2.18-2.19) 
17. FOI2020/29158 
27/08/2020  i) Please can you confirm how many personnel currently make up the Post Office 
Policy team within BEIS?  
According to BEIS’s Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Lord Callanan, 
speaking in a Lords Debate of 25th February 2020, the government has 
strengthened its mechanisms of oversight over POL ‘including expanding the 
BEIS Post Office policy team that works closely with UKGI in holding the Post 
Office to account at an official level’. 
ii) Please can you identify when this expansion was effected? 
iii) Please can you release figures to indicate how many people made up this 
team in the years since it was created? 
iv) Is this the only BEIS team with responsibility for oversight of POL? 
18. FOI2020/29236 
27/08/2020  According to the BEIS Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference:  
‘The Committee shall engage with the chairs of the corresponding committees of 
those high-impact organisations with a view to forming an opinion as to whether 
their control environments, risk management frameworks and escalation practices 
provide the Department with the requisite line of sight into their activities’ (see 
Terms of Reference below, p3, ‘Arm’s Length Bodies/Partner Organisations’). 
i) Did BEIS’s Audit and Risk Committee engage with the chair of POL’s Audit, 
Risk and Compliance Committee or with POL’s Risk and Compliance Committee 
after the Department received the report of 2015 Second Sight which raised 
serious concerns over POL’s Horizon IT system?  
i ) Has BEIS’s Audit and Risk Committee engaged at any time with the chair of 
POL’s ARC or RCC with regard to POL’s control environment, risk management 
or escalation practices? If so, when? 
iii) Please can you release minutes and a list of attendees of BEIS’s Audit and 
Risk Committee meetings in which risks pertaining to POL’s Horizon issues and/or 
POL’s Group Litigation were discussed since 2012?  
iv) Please can you confirm that reports from the above meetings were circulated 
to the Accounting Officer and Board of BEIS as per the Audit and Risk Committee 
Terms of Ref 
( p1, ‘Reporting’)? 
19. FOI2020/29677 
02/09/2020  Please can you supply the working protocol documents which existed between 
UKGI and the department relating to Post Office Limited and Postal Services 
Holding Company from 1st April 2016 up to the present day in all updated 
20. FOI2020/29779 
04/09/2020  According to BEIS’s monthly all-spending data (see below, transactions 280549-
285874) a total of 17 payments were made to the Government Legal Department 
between 6th-29th March 2019 for services described as ‘Litigation and 
Government Legal Department-Legal Services and Advice Agency’. These total 
£106,806 and include single payments of £34,975 and £28,587. The payments 
coincide with the period of the handing down of the Common Issues Judgement 
Page 7 of 8 

during Post Office Limited’s High Court Litigation and its subsequent application to 
recuse the presiding High Court judge.  
i) Please can you release documentation to confirm whether all or some of these 
payments relate to the High Court Litigation in which BEIS’s Partner Organisation 
Post Office Limited was engaged at the time? 
A later entry in BEIS’s al -spending data indicates a further single payment of 
£20,585 to the Government Legal Department on 6th December 2019. This is 
also described as ‘Litigation and Government Legal Department-Legal Services 
and Advice Agency (See below, transaction 323595) and it corresponds with the 
timing of the mediation and out-of-court settlement in which Post Office Limited 
was engaged prior to the release of the Horizon Issues Judgement in December 
ii) Please can you provide documentation to confirm whether this payment relates 
to BEIS’s activities surrounding Post Office Limited’s mediation, settlement and 
High Court litigation? 
iii) Please can you identify the supplier of Litigation and Government Legal 
Department Services and Advice whose name and whole postcode is withheld in 
the all-spend documents (transaction 286979, £5,456 of 4th April 2019: 
transaction 287008, £946 of 4th April 2019 and transaction 326372, £1,035 of 
18th December 2019)? 
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