This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Student accommodation in light of Covid-19'.

Freedom of 
Decision Notice 

Ms Jasmine Bowling  
In light of the Covid-19 outbreak I would like to ask about how safe 
you're making your accommodation for students. Specifically: 
1) What are you doing to make the accommodation safe for students 
in 2020/21? 
2) What occupancy rates are you going to have in shared 
accommodation for September 2020? 
3) How are you going to maintain social distancing in shared 
4) What data or research has led to your decisions? 
5) How are you helping students who may not have accommodation 
to find other places to stay in the city for September 2020? 
15 July 2020 


I, Liam Jackson, Information Governance Assistant,  dealt with your request for information 
received by the University of Wolverhampton (University) in accordance with the Freedom of 
Information Act 2000
 (the FOI Act).  
I can confirm, the requested information is held by the University of Wolverhampton in full. 
I have decided to disclose the requested information in full.  
Please refer to the subsequent pages of this Decision Notice for further clarification 
on my decision.  
Liam Jackson 
Information Governance Assistant 
15 July 2020 


Background & Scope of Application 
On  13 July 2020,  the  University of Wolverhampton  received  Ms Bowling’s, Freedom of 
Information (FOI) application, requesting the following: 
In light of the Covid-19 outbreak I would like to ask about how safe you're making your 
accommodation for students. Specifically: 
1) What are you doing to make the accommodation safe for students in 2020/21? 
2) What occupancy rates are you going to have in shared accommodation for September 
3) How are you going to maintain social distancing in shared accommodation? 
4) What data or research has led to your decisions? 
5) How are you helping students who may not have accommodation to find other places to 
stay in the city for September 2020? 
Search for Documents 
Based on the original scope of this request, I conducted a search of the University of 
Wolverhampton records to determine whether the requested information can be provided to 
Ms Bowling, in response to the original application, dated 13 July 2020. 
The following searches were undertaken: 
Consultation with the University of Wolverhampton’s, Estates and Facilities Directorate.  
In accordance with Section 1(1)(a) of the FOI Act, I can confirm that the University does hold 
the requested information in full and I have decided to disclose the requested information in 
Please find the requested information contained within Schedule 1 of this Decision Notice. 
Right of Review 
If you are dissatisfied with our response please contact us with the details of your dispute via 
email at xxx@xxx.xx.xx and we will conduct an internal review of our response.   
If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right of 
complaint to the Information Commissioner at the following address:  



Schedule 1 
Question 1  
The University is implementing: 
•  improved signage (to ensure social distancing etc)  
•  the installation of sanitiser in all communal door entrances 
•  advocating social distancing  
•  the creation of household cluster bubbles 
•  the allocation of students to reside on the campus they will be studying at.  
Question 2  
A final decision has not been made on this yet. There may be a limit of a maximum 66 percent 
capacity however, this is still to be decided.  
Question 3  
Measures to maintain social distancing in shared accommodation:  
•  creation of household clusters  
•  signage  
•  raising awareness  
•  allowing students to be proactive and take responsibility for their actions with support 
and guidance to be provided by the University. 
Question 4  
ASRA and Government Advice.  
Question 5  
There is a surplus of accommodation and providers within the City Centre, so there will be 
choices available to students, who can then make their own personal preferences, in terms of 
finance and location etc.  


Document Outline