This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Settlement Scheme applications by family members of EU, EEA or Swiss citizens'.

FoI 57945
As at end of January 2020 according to the official Home Office statistics  there were more than 157,000 applications made by non-EU 
family members of EU, EEA or Swiss citizens for the Settlement Scheme .
In respect of these applications, could you please provide the following information:
1) How many applicants were granted settled or pre-settled status as at 31 January 2020;
2) What was the average application processing times for concluded applications;
3) What was the average age of outstanding applications as at 31 January 2020.
Our records indicate that…
Q1 - As of the end of February 2020, total number of applications made by non-eu family members which were 
granted settled or pre-settled status 

Grant Total
Q3 - As of the end of February 2020, average age of outstanding applications made by non-eu family members
Grant Total
91 days
See Methodology on Cover Sheet
1 These figures have been taken from a live operational database. As such, numbers may change as information on that system is 
Data extracted on 09/03/2019