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M Esslemont 
Via Email to: request-648855- 
1 July 2020  
Dear M Esslemont, 
Freedom of Information Act 2000 Request (Our Reference 58994) 
Thank you for your e-mail of 3 June 2020 in which you requested details of *all* category 
fields which caseworkers may interact with, in order to log details or input data relating to 
the following: 
- Adults at Risk (AAR) decision-making (including, but not limited to, references to AAR 
'levels', types of vulnerability, and evidence such as Rule 34/35 forms) 
- Detention under Immigration Powers 
- Medical history 
Your request has been handled as a request for information under the Freedom of 
Information Act 2000 (FOIA). Your request is enclosed at Annex A.  
We can confirm that the only reference to “Adults at Risk” and “Medical History” on the 
Case Information Database (CID) are Special Conditions. This is an entity recorded 
against a person, each person may have zero, one or many special conditions recorded 
against them. Each Special Condition must have reference to a Special Condition Type, 
and additionally may have a free text note.  
All available Special Condition Types are listed in the attached file (Annex B FOI 58994 M 
Esslemont - Copy of Special Conditions - Detention and Medical.ods
) with examples 
including the following: 
Adult at Risk - Level 1 
Adult at Risk - Level 2 
Adult at Risk - Level 3 
DS: Mental Illness 
Infectious Disease. 
Detention details are recorded as a Restriction against a person. A Restriction record must 
contain a Restriction Type and available Restriction Types. Other than those entities, Case 
Workers will store and read notes against a person and/or case, which are free-text.  

If you are dissatisfied with this response you may request an independent internal review 
of our handling of your request by submitting a complaint within two months to the address 
below, quoting reference 58994. If you ask for an internal review, it would be helpful if you 
could say why you are dissatisfied with the response.  
As part of any internal review the Department's handling of your information request would 
be reassessed by staff who were not involved in providing you with this response. If you 
were to remain dissatisfied after an internal review, you would have a right of complaint to 
the Information Commissioner as established by section 50 of the FOIA.  
Yours sincerely,  
Immigration Technology Portfolio  

Annex A 
From: M Esslemont <> 
Sent: 03 June 2020 20:10 
To: FOI Requests <> 
Subject: Re: Freedom of Information request - Data held on AAR 
Dear Home Office, 
Many thanks for your request for clarification regarding case ref 57920. Please provide 
*all* category fields which caseworkers may interact with, in order to log details on the 
focus areas listed in the original request. These were any inputs relating to recording 
-Adults at Risk (AAR) decision-making (including, but not limited to, references to AAR 
'levels', types of vulnerability, and evidence such as Rule 34/35 forms) 
- Detention under Immigration Powers 
- Medical history). 
For ease, this search can be guided by any internal resources used to instruct 
caseworkers on the maintenance of this information on the CID. No case information is 
required, simply the names of category fields used by caseworkers. 
Whilst standard category fields will likely be listed, the names of additional fields such as 
'free text' sections, should also be listed if caseworkers are expected to engage with them. 
If you would like to annotate any category fields whose relevance is not immediately clear, 
do feel free to do so, but note that it is not necessary to satisfy this request. 
Yours faithfully, 
M Esslemont