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Successful start to new era
More than four months have now passed since 
As part of the transition we held a series of forums which 
the transition into the new business and, as a 
generated a wide range of good ideas to help us on our journey. 
Many of these innovations have already been implemented, 
fledgling organisation, Midland Metro Ltd has 
come a long way in a short space of time. 
l   A smart new uniform
Through a baking hot summer, 
l    A completely new IT network has been installed  
which included a series of 
at the depot with new PCs and printers
overhead line failures, through to 
l    A staff app – MyA – to assist in all forms of 
the first months of winter, we’ve 
been overwhelmingly impressed by 
people’s application and dedication 
l   Additional revenue staff to help us collect all our fares
to the new company.
l   A long-term recruitment programme for drivers/CSRs
MML is a new business, but 
l   An accepted two-year pay offer
it’s to be remembered that the 
l   A new Depot Entry Sign-On system
reason it can exist today is because 
Midland Metro has been in 
l   A new HR and payroll system
successful operation for nearly 20 years.
l   A new occupational health service
Many people working here today have been at Metro for the 
l   Brand new mobile phones
duration, and I thank all of you for providing the tramway that  
we have today.
These are just a few of the many items that are planned to help 
It’s because of the previous success of Midland Metro that we 
us get MML ready for the next era in its evolution, and you 
find ourselves at the dawn of a brand-new era.  
can read more about them in this first issue of our new-look 
The next phase of MML is the expansion of our system to 
provide the West Midlands with a world-class tramway network 
Over the next few months and the years ahead, we intend to 
to rival the other major cities in the UK.
invest further in both people and infrastructure so that we’re all 
We’ll see new lines, more new trams and further depot  
capable of taking the next steps.
works, and all these advances will create more opportunities  
Join us for the ride! 
for employees.
 West Midlands Metro Director of Operations
Tram becomes a stage  
for rising stars
Tram customers enjoyed a surprise musical treat recently 

when they shared a trip with some of the best up-and-
coming female singers, musicians and spoken word artists.
As part of celebrations to mark BBC Music Day and 100 years 
since most women in the UK were granted the right to vote, 
24 solo performers graced the Blue Tram which acted as a 
moving stage.
With a different artist performing between every stop, 
the Pass the Mic event launched the Festival of Audacity, a 
multidisciplinary arts activism festival designed to give artists 
the chance to shine.
The all-female line-up surprised hundreds of commuters 
as they made their journeys home, with a range of 
performances from local artists including 
, rubbing 
shoulders with national stars such as 

Stay in 
Introduced as a direct result of feedback 

from the transition drop-in sessions, 
we now have our very own internal 
communication app!
Warm welcome for  
There are now lots of opportunities to engage with 
colleagues and keep up to date with what’s going 
on within the business thanks to the app, known as 
new-look uniforms 
For example, you can send a thank you note 
to a colleague, or even nominate someone for 
It’s great to see everyone looking so smart in our new uniform; 
Employee of the Month! 
feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with comfort and 
Recently, overtime opportunities have also 
quality frequently commented on. 
been posted on MyA, detailing specific duties 
team members can volunteer for. Our internal 
We’ve also acted on your feedback with the introduction of waistcoats and 
newsletters as well as Midland Metro Alliance 
jackets, which are now available for anyone that would like to wear them. 
extension newsletters and staff briefing notes are 
Also, as requested, pouches have been supplied to provide additional 
also available on MyA. 
storage for extra equipment.
If you haven’t managed to explore MyA yet, 
You’ll begin to see posters and pop-up banners appear around the depot 
please see 
 for a tour of the app 
shortly, showcasing the combination of uniform items that can be worn 
and further information on how to access it.
together. All members of the team will also receive a hand out supporting 
the uniform standards, as set out in the uniform policy which is available in 
full on MyA. 
If you have any questions or further feedback about your uniform, please get 
in touch with your line manager or email
20 years’ 
Creating new career 
Congratulations to the following team 
members, who are all celebrating  
You may have noticed adverts appearing on trams promoting opportunities 
20 years with the organisation: 
to join our team, in addition to posters on stops and a careers section on  
our website. 
, Driver 
This is all part of MML’s commitment to prepare for our future with the 
Birmingham Westside and Wolverhampton extension projects due for 
, Duty Manager 
completion in the next 18 months. 
Since June, we’ve welcomed 25 team members across the organisation, 
including eight new driver customer representatives who will be joining us  
 Duty Manager 
this month. 
 Duty Manager 
Recruitment is ongoing, and the following posts are currently being 
, Controller 
, Engineering 
l   Driver Customer Representatives 
l   ICT Service Manager Specialist  
l   Maintenance Technician 
l   Store Person (temporary, 6 months) 
, Driver
For more information about these roles, or to apply, please go to

Recognition for 
Performance stats  
exceptional service 
Please see below illustrations of our recent performance and 
look out for updates in future issues of the newsletter.
Has one of your colleagues gone above and  
beyond the call of duty recently? Do you feel  
a team member deserves to be recognised for  
their achievements?  
If so, nominate them for an Employee of the Month award! 
Anyone can put forward a colleague for the accolade by 
completing a nomination form on MyA. Submissions will be 
reviewed by the senior leadership team,and the nomination  
with the most votes will win the monthly title as well as an 
additional £50 in their next pay packet! 
Monthly winners will also be considered for the Employee  
of the Year award, which is selected in January. The winning 
team member will receive a payment of £200 and an extra day  
of annual leave as recognition for their efforts.  
Nominations that have been received since 25 June will be 
reviewed and awarded in time for the Christmas edition of the 
newsletter – watch this space!
Employee Assistance 
boost for health and 
All MML staff now have free 
access to 24-hour help and advice 
on a wide variety of personal, 
family or workplace issues with the 
launch of our Employee Assistance 
Programme (EAP). 
Accessible by phone or 
online, the service is delivered 
by Medigold Health and offers 
a confidential, professional 
counselling service.
Further information about the 
service is available on MyA as well 
as posters and notice-boards in 
staff areas across the network.
If you know a member of staff who may need some additional 
support, please feel free to give them the EAP information.
 To access the service online, visit and use the access code 
 There’s also a 24/7 freephone: 0800 328 1437.
What’s in a name… 
Happy Birthday!
In future issues of the newsletter we hope to bring you a 
series of brain teasers, quizzes and puzzles, but we need  
We’d like to wish many happy 
your input to find out what you would really like to see.
returns to the following members 
Whether its crosswords, word searches or something 
of the team who celebrate their 
completely new, we’d welcome your suggestions.
birthday in November
In the meantime, our first competition involves finding  
a new name for the newsletter! We’re calling it MetroNews 
for now but send your suggestions to 
 is also keen to hear ideas for future news stories and 
features so, if you have a story to share, get in touch!