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Key developments:  
  The review of how BHCC addresses ASB and hate incidents within the teams that 
provide this function is approx 75% complete,. This review is also looking at how BHCC 
addresses ASB in partnership with police and other key partners. This piece of work is 
expected to be completed in December 2018. 
  A review of the Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Tasking (MARAT) meeting that 
discusses high risk and complex ASB and hate Incident cases has taken place and found 
the meeting to be fit for purpose. 
  Work has begun to allow local housing providers to use of Community Protection Notices 
to address ASB in B&H. A report will be going to NICE committee in Jan 2019.  
  A BHCC graffiti strategy has been drafted and a report is going to committee in Nov 2018. 
  In this quarter 83% of people who provided feedback to BHCC were very or fairly satisfied 
with the service that they received to address ASB or hate incidents from services within 
the Neighbourhoods, Communities and Housing directorate. 
  Work to develop restorative practice in Adult Social Care continues with courses and 
reflective circles booked in. A restorative champion has been identified in the Travellers 
Team and has been booked on to the full Facilitator Training course. Work continues to 
achieve accreditation for the Brighton and Hove Mediation Service and the Community 
Safety Casework Team.  
  Draft process for dealing with tents/ encampments on Highways Land, using Field 
Officers to serve and enforce notices, agreed by Rough Sleeping Strategy Board and 
Leadership board; implementation of process planned to coincide with opening of 
Brighton Centre Night shelter late-November. 
  Meeting planned at senior officer/director level to discuss strategic ownership of tents/ 
encampments as an issue. 
Key developments:  
  The Communities Coordinator has continued to support community groups to further 
develop their work to address hate crime. This has included supporting the Racial 
Harassment Forum in their successful bid to Comic Relief which will help them to develop 
work to meet the priorities identified around reporting in their Consultation Survey. 
  The Communities Co-ordinator has also continued to assist the local LGBTQ+ community 
and voluntary sector to apply to the latest round of the ‘Building a Stronger Britain 
Together’ funding programme. 
  The new government LGBT Action Plan has been published following UK LGBTQ 
consultation, including new measures around hate crime.  
  We continue to lead on social media positive messaging to promote community 
understanding of gender identity and superdiversity within the LGBTQ communities of the 
  LGBT Community Safety Forum opened the Rainbow Hub, community space/hub at 93a 
St James St, with shop-frontage, for use as LGBTQ+ community space and invite other 
communities of interest to also use the space. Funded in full for 3 years by Rainbow 
  #MyPronounsAre campaign successfully concluded with key partners in the NHS, police 
and university communities. Promoting understanding of gender identities, inclusion 
around Trans* non-binary employees /customers and promote positive messaging.  

  The ‘Safe in the City’ (Community Safety Partnership) social media (Twitter and 
Facebook) accounts and BHCC LGBT Workers Forum Twitter have been used to put out 
messaging to raise awareness regarding LGBTQI themes, and positive messaging 
promoting cohesion and understanding of LGBTQ identities reporting of hate crime, 
countering extremist narratives, and promoting and amplifying key voices in the LGBTQ 
community of the city.  
  The 4th annual city’s Trans, Non-Binary & Intersex Conference took place July, produced 
in cooperation with the city’s academic TNB&I communities, sold out with speakers 
including leading UK & international trans academics and researchers.  
  The LGBT Community Safety Forum were supported with trans & non-binary training for 
volunteer staff working the Rainbow Hub during the Pride seasons. 
  Work to engage Trans Pride and Sussex Police in planning and dialogue was undertaken 
to help to ensure understanding of the impact of current anti-trans rhetoric and new 
abuse, also to ensure involvement in Trans Pride planning.  
  New LGBTQ RISE DV worker has been appointed.  
  The city’s 6th annual Trans Pride was held in July. The arts and performance events 
running up to the march were well attended. Record numbers attended the Trans Pride 
march and festival in Brunswick Square. Minimal trouble reported.  
  WPUK, anti-trans group, held a meeting in Jurys Inn hotel planned to coincide with first 
day of Trans Pride week. Community tensions ran high, with a highly visible trans and 
LGBTQ community protest outside hotel during the group’s meeting, resulting in two 
police cautions to attendees of meeting. Protest well marshalled and behaved.  
  Disability Pride in July. 
Risks or issues of concern: 
  Problems relating to problematic encampments of rough sleepers across the city, and 
community concerns about this, have continued to generate significant work for the 
Casework Team as the multi-agency processes to address these are still in development 
and a decision has yet to be reached as to the strategic ownership of this as an issue. 
Risks or issues of concern: 
  Community Safety and other LGBTQ forums continue to express concern at lack of 
response or information to LGBTQ DV in the city and requested police recorded domestic 
violence and abuse incidents and crimes with a same sex or LGBTQ marker.  
  Continuing under-reporting of hate crime and therefore a lack of understanding of the real 
risks faced by the community and their desired outcomes around hate crime.  
  The impact and increased reporting of ChemSex emergency admissions/deaths and 
impact on LGBT communities continue to rise. Community calls to change toxicology 
recording (around ‘G’ usage) and death recording to accurately gauge the level of the 
  The expression of abusive LGBTQ prejudicial views online, in particular targeted 
campaigns to undermine and negatively influence the Government’s consultation on the 
Gender Recognition Act coupled with transphobic comments, continue to be a key 
concern and are causing community tensions to rise. 
  There is noticeable and targeted increased transphobia in the national press and online, 
causing increased stress & tensions in the trans & non-binary communities.  
  WPUK and associated members of vocal anti-transphobic groups targeted Pride marches 
with highly organised disruptions. London Pride was hijacked by a transphobic group to 
national LGBTQ outrage. Trans Pride and Brighton Pride were both threatened with 

  Agree a joint Police and BHCC enforcement procedure for the PSPO (alcohol restriction). 
  Complete the CSP joint working procedures for using Criminal Behaviour Orders. 
  Continue with the BHCC Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) & Hate Incident review. 
  Continued work with key internal and external partners to develop and embed effective 
multi-agency responses to tents and encampments and agree where these issues sit 
strategically within the Local Authority. 
  Review of Street Community Partnership Meeting in November 2018 to ensure that 
existing multi-agency processes relating to the Street Community are fit-for-purpose. 
  The Racial Harassment Forum are finalising their hate crime consultation report and 
applying for funding to develop projects in response to the results. Findings from the 
report will be brought to a future meeting of the Partnership Board and other key city fora. 
  Support & promote the LGBT Community Safety Forum and their annual LGBTQ Safety 
  Work to build effective citywide trans, non-binary and LGBQ allies working group to train 
and build sustainable response to increased threats of action and online campaigns by 
anti-trans groups 
  Project with B&H buses to address hate issues with a publicity campaign and training on 
how to challenge hate & abuse are underway.  
  The UpStander training project is in early planning stages to empower communities & 
devise training to safely challenge hate incidents.  
  Brighton & Hove Buses are developing strong links with the Racial Harassment Forum, 
LGBT CSF and other key city forums for communities of interest.  
  The LGBT Community Safety Forum will be supported to ensure staff working at the 
Rainbow Hub will be up to date with all training needs.  
  Monitor the LGBT CS Forum critical friend pilot and report back to stakeholders. 
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Do you have the hate crime section from 
 and I can see if there’s something I can slot in, would 
help to see the context, thanks 
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Yes, I can add the SA point in, no problem. 
Also, do you have anything to update on the hate crime section on race/religiously motivated 
incidents at all? 
Many thanks. 
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Yes I suppose they might do – are you able to add it as a bullet point to my future plans? Thanks 
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In answer to your query, I suppose it depends whether the Preventing terrorism and extremism 
section is taken out of the collated report and used independently. Perhaps that’s when people 
might wish to know about the annual refresh of the strategy. 

Best wishes 
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Please see my content attached. I’ve sent it to 
 as my line manager so if she has any 
amendments I will come back to you on Monday, but it will probably be as it stands. 
I also sent it to 
 and she just suggested I add one more sentence in the future plans to say we 
will be completing the strategic assessment and refresh of the counter-extremism strategy. However 
I wanted to ask you – as that will be the same for every single section of the report as we are all 
doing the strategic assessment – otherwise it would look like we are reviewing some elements not 
others - is everyone including this and are we using a standard sentence? 
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