This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Managed Print Services'.

Derby City Council – Freedom of Information Response 
Number 13917 
Date 20/02/20 
Please could you provide the following information with regards to your current 
printing expenditure: 
1.  Current printing and photocopier 
Contract with: 
contract details?  
Specialist Computer Services plc 
a.  Photocopiers/MFD?s 
b.  Printers 
Contract covers all devices 
c.  Print room / reprographics    
2.  Companies awarded? 
Specialist Computer Services plc 
a.  Photocopiers/MFDs 
b.  Printers 
c.  Print room / reprographics 
3.  Length of contract/s and end 
5 years 
Start date: Nov 2020 
a.  Photocopiers/MFDs 
End date: Nov 2024 
b.  Printers 
Option to Extend until Nov 2026 (1+1) 
c.  Print room / reprographics 
4.  Number of devices? 
a.  Photocopiers/MFDs 
b.  Printers 
c.  Print room / reprographics 

5.  Annual print/copy volume 
Volumes for 2018/19 
a.  Photocopiers/MFDs  

b.  Printers   

c.  Print room / reprographics 
6.  Annual spend? 
Spend 2018/19 
a.  Photocopiers/MFDs 
Combined Annual Spend for rental and cost per 
b.  Printers 
copy is: £234,428 
c.  Print room / reprographics 
7.  Details on how these were 

procured. i.e. By Framework 
Direct Award 
a.  Procurement method 
Information Communication Technology (ICT) 
b.  If Framework, please state  Solutions Frameworks (Comit) 
which one 
Health Trust Europe 
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8.  Do you have any print 
Inepro Docu Manager 
management software? If so, 
which software? 
9.  Do they supply you with any 
scanning software (additional to 
the software native to the device)? 
10. What Document Management 
OpenText, SharePoint and Northgate 
solution/s do you currently use 
within your organization? 
11. What PDF software do you pay 
for? And how many licenses do 
49 Licences 
you pay for (an average per 
annum would be a good number 
here please)? 
Please note, the following applies, if the response includes council officers (or 
other officers) names. 

If you are a company that intends to use the names and contact details of council 
officers (or other officers) provided for direct marketing, you need to be registered 
with the Information Commissioner to process personal data for this purpose. You 
must also check that the individual (whom you wish to contact for direct marketing 
purposes) is not registered with one of the Preference Services to prevent Direct 
Marketing. If they are you must adhere to this preference. You must also ensure you 
comply with the Privacy Electronic and Communications Regulations (PECR). For 
more information follow this Link 
For the avoidance of doubt the provision of council (and other) officer names and 
contact details under FOI does not give consent to receive direct marketing via any 
media and expressly does not constitute a ‘soft opt-in’ under PECR. 
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