This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Fleet List'.

Thames Valley Police 
Chief Constable John Campbell QPM 
Oxford Road
 Alex Bonser 
Telephone: 101
Direct dial: 01865 542051 
Our ref: 
Your ref: 
06 February 2020
Dear Mr Bonser,  
I write in response to the above-referenced Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request 
submitted on 14/01/2020.  Thames Valley Police has now considered this request, 
which for clarity, has been repeated below: 
I would like to request a fleet list with the 
Thames Valley can confirm 
following information on the current fleet for  information is held, please see the 
this force. 
attached spreadsheet.  
Vehicle Fleet of Marked Resources:  
---------------------------------------------------------- Thames Valley can confirm that it 
- Vehicle Model & Make 
holds further information in regards to 
- Vehicle Year (e.g. 2016, 2017) 
this request, but is engaging the 
- Registration Number / Registration Plate 
following exemption:  
- Role of the Vehicle (e.g. Area Car, 
Prisoner Transport) 
Section 31(a)(b): Law Enforcement 
- Division the Vehicle is part of (e.g. Local 
Policing, Roads Policing) 
- Station Vehicle is Based at 
Please see below for further 
- Roof Code/Aerial Code (e.g. 01 TXG) 
Vehicle Fleet of Unmarked Resources:  
- Vehicle Model & Make 
- Vehicle Year (e.g. 2016, 2017) 
- Division the Vehicle is part of (e.g. Local 
Policing, Roads Policing) 

Thames Valley Police 
Chief Constable John Campbell QPM 
Section 31 Law enforcement: 
This is a prejudice based qualified exemption which requires evidence of harm and a 
public interest test to be considered. Please see the information below: 
Where  vehicles  are  being  used,  or  have  been  used  in  covert  or  sensitive  roles, 
revealing  the  details  of  these  vehicles  will  undermine  past  and  future  investigations 
and the legal proceedings that go with them, as well as putting Thames Valley Police 
employees  and  other  individuals  at  risk.  This  is  also  the  case  if  we  were  to  provide 
details on the registrations of vehicles, the stations they are based at, and Arial codes. 
These details being released to the public could hinder the prevention or detection of 
crime as offenders may be aware of particular vehicles and take actions to avoid them.  
Factors supporting disclosure 
Thames  Valley  Police  acknowledges  a  general  public  interest  in  being  open  and 
transparent  about  how  it  conducts  its  duties  in  protecting  the  communities  it  serves. 
This leads to increased trust and co-operation.  
Factors against disclosure 
Any  disclosure  of  information  regarding  vehicles  deployed  in  covert  roles,  even  after 
that vehicle has been disposed of, has the potential to provide intelligence to criminal 
or  terrorist  elements  who  may  have  been  the  target  of  those  investigations,  allowing 
them  to  take  measures  to  evade  detection  or  prosecution.  This  is  especially  true  of 
vehicles currently in use, therefore disclosure of current registration plates, the stations 
they are based and Arial codes could allow those same criminal or terrorist elements 
to identify employees of Thames Valley Police or other individuals connected to those 
vehicles, putting them at risk.  
Balance Test 
The public interest in terms of the size, use and cost of public authority fleets has been 
met  by  the  provision  of  data  regarding  the  forces  marked  vehicles.  The  risk  to 
individuals and to the justice system outweighs the public interest in disclosing details 
of covert vehicles, registrations of marked vehicles, the stations they are based at and 
the  Arial  codes.  Thames  Valley  believes  these  exemptions  have  been  engaged 
Complaint Rights 
If you are dissatisfied with the handling procedures or the decision made by Thames 
Valley Police, you can lodge a complaint with the force to have the decision reviewed 
within two months of the date of this response. Complaints should be made in writing 
to the FOI inbox; 

Thames Valley Police 
Chief Constable John Campbell QPM 
If, after lodging a complaint with Thames Valley Police, you are still unhappy with the 
outcome,  you  may  make  application  to  the  Information  Commissioner  at  the 
Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, 
SK9 5AF. 
If you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact this office. 
Yours sincerely 
Sav Mahay 
Public Access 
Joint Information Management Unit