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`Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Health and Social Care Sciences 
Reference FOI2019-20-154 
Cranmer Terrace,  
London, SW17 0RE 
14 January 2020 
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We write to respond to your recent Freedom of Information request. 
Enquiry date: 10 January 2020 
1) How many new EU academic staff the university has been able to recruit over the last year 
2) How many EU academic staff have left the university over the same time period 
3) The overall number of EU academic staff currently working at St George's (this one is less important) 
Data refers to calendar year 2019: 
1) How many new EU academic staff the university has been able to recruit over the last year - 8 
2) How many EU academic staff have left the university over the same time period - 4 
3) The overall number of EU academic staff currently working at St George's - 48 
Whilst writing may I advise that if you are not happy with the way in which we have handled your request, you can 
appeal by writing to the Chief Operating Officer of the institution:  
Paul Ratcliffe 
Chief Operating Officer 
St George’s University of London 
Cranmer Terrace 
SW17 0RE 
The Information Commissioner has authority and responsibility under the Freedom of Information Act and you can 
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Information Commissioner's Office 
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Sheila Durkin, Governance Manager 
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Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further queries. 
Yours faithfully 
Sheila Durkin 
Governance Manager