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List of Registered Medical Practitioners
Results of search on: 13 Jan 2020 at 13:32:16. The details shown are valid at the date and time of the search only.
Doctor Details
GMC Reference Number
Given Names
Primary Medical Qualification
MB BS 1992 Mangalore University
Full Registration Date
07 Aug 2003
Specialist Register
This doctor is not on the Specialist Register
GP Register
This doctor is not on the GP Register
Registered with a licence to practise
This doctor has conditions
Revalidation information
This doctor is subject to revalidation
Information for Employers
Substantive, honorary and fixed term consultants 
working in the NHS are required to be on the Specialist 
Register, however there are exemptions. Please refer to 
the National Health Service (Appointment of Consultants) 
Regulations 1996, as amended.
Doctors working in general practice in the UK health 
service are required to be on the General Practitioner 
Register. Please refer to the relevant NHS performers 
lists regulations.
More information about employment check requirements.
Annual retention fee due date: 07 Aug 2020
Doctor History
Fitness to practise history since 20 October 2005
28 Aug 2019
This doctor has interim conditions
Registration and licensing history since 20 October 2005
16 Nov 2009
Registered with a licence to practise
20 Oct 2005
16 Nov 2009
28 Aug 2019
Interim Orders Tribunal
Conditions on the doctor's registration
1. He must personally ensure that the GMC is notified of the 
following information within seven calendar days of the date 
these conditions become effective: a. of the details of his current 
post, including: i. his job title ii. his job location iii. his 
28 Aug 2019
03 Mar 2020
responsible officer (or their nominated deputy) b. the contact 
details for his employer and any contracting body, including his 
direct line manager c. of any organisation where he has 
practising privileges and/or admitting rights d. of any training 
programmes he is in e. of the contact details of any locum 
agency or out-of-hours service he is registered with. 
2. He must personally ensure the GMC is notified: a. of any post 
he accepts, before starting it b. that all relevant people have 
been notified of his conditions, in accordance with condition 7 c. if 
any formal disciplinary proceedings against him are started by his 
employer and/or contracting body, within seven calendar days of 
being formally notified of such proceedings d. if any of his posts, 
practising privileges or admitting rights have been suspended or 
terminated by his employer before the agreed date within seven 
calendar days of being notified of the termination e. if he applies 
for a post outside the UK. 
3. He must allow the GMC to exchange information with his 
employer and/or contracting body for which he provides medical 
4. He must only work for St Helens and Knowsley Teaching 
Hospitals NHS Trust.

List of Registered Medical Practitioners | Print View
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5. He must not enter St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital 
Trust premises without prior agreement from his Responsible 
6. He must only work remotely via VPN and laptop.
7. He must personally ensure that the following persons are 
notified of the conditions listed at 1 to 6: a. his responsible officer 
(or their nominated deputy) b. the responsible officer of the 
following organisations: i. his place(s) of work and any 
prospective place of work (at the time of application) ii. all his 
contracting bodies and any prospective contracting body (prior to 
entering a contract) iii. any organisation where he has, or has 
applied for, practising privileges and/or admitting rights (at the 
time of application) iv. any locum agency or out-of-hours service 
he is registered with v. If any organisation listed at (i to iv) does 
not have a responsible officer, he must notify the person with 
responsibility for overall clinical governance within the 
organisation. If he is unable to identify this person, he must 
contact the GMC for advice before working for that organisation. 
c. his immediate line manager and senior clinician (where there is 
one) at his place of work, at least 24 hours before starting work 
(for current and new posts, including locum posts). 
Revalidation Information
The doctor's Designated Body and that body's Responsible Officer are displayed below:
Designated Body
St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust
Responsible Officer
Jacqueline Bussin