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Response to Request for Information 
Type of request 
Environmental Information Regulations Request 
Policy affecting on street parking permits  
Could you please send me a copy of any county council policy under which Cambridge 
residents who happen to be students are refused on-street parking permits for the city. If such a 
policy exists could you please also let me know when it adopted and when it was approved by 
Such a policy does not exist. The issuing of Residents Parking Permits is regulated by Traffic 
Regulation Order (TRO). The TRO in its definitions states Resident means a person whose 
usual place of abode is at a premises in a street listed in the TRO. We cannot decline an 
application from a bona fide resident. Therefore we cannot refuse to issue nor rescind a permit 
because the applicant is a student. Undergraduates of both the University of Cambridge and 
Anglia Ruskin University are not permitted to keep a vehicle in Cambridge by both Universities 
regulations unless they are licensed to do so by the Motor Proctor. In the case of ARU it now 
appears that this also applies to postgraduates. 
Our involvement is to assist both Universities in enforcing their regulations. The application form 
does ask if the resident is a student and this is intended to deter the applicant from breaching 
the Universities regulations. A few years ago we changed the Data Protection declaration on the 
application form to allow us to share our data on permits with the Universities. 
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