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How am I allowed to use the 
The South Western Ambulance Service NHS 
information I obtain?
Foundation Trust serves a total population of over 
5.3 million and is estimated to receive an infl ux of 
You must ask us if you want to use the information 
over 17.5 million visitors each year. The operational 
you obtain from us for any purpose other than 
area is predominantly rural but also includes large 
your own interest and information, such as if you 
urban centres including Bristol, Plymouth, Exeter, 
want to include it in material you publish or make 
Bath, Swindon, Gloucester, Bournemouth and 
it available to others.
The request must be made in writing and clearly 
S O U T H   G L O U C E S T E R S H I R E
state how you want to use the information and 
B A T H   &   N O R T H   E A S T   S O M E R S E T  
why. We will consider your request in accordance 
N O R T H   S O M E R S E T
with regulations that govern the re-use of 
information obtained from the public sector and 
will respond within 20 working days with our 
If we do not agree to your request, we will tell you 
why and set out how you can ask for this to be 
Be aware that we are entitled to charge you for re-
using information we have supplied. In most cases, 
For more information or to provide feedback on 
we will only do so if you pass the information on 
our services, please visit
or publish it for commercial or business purposes.
How can I fi nd out more?
Would you like to have a say in the future of
South Western Ambulance Service by becoming 
For more information on the FOIA, visit www.ico.
a Foundation Trust member?
Help us to help you by calling 01392 261526 
Obtaining Information from 
or visit
us under the Freedom of 
For information on regulations concerning the 
re-use of public sector information, visit www.
Information Act 2000
This leafl et can also be provided in other formats
or languages on request. Ring 01392 261649 
or email
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What is the Freedom of Information Act?
performance information, and certain types of 
Can my request be declined?
expenditure) are routinely and proactively published. 
The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) entitles 
We recommend checking our publication scheme 
The FOIA sets out reasons and circumstances where 
anybody to ask a public authority in England, 
before making your FOI request; you may find what 
we can or must withhold information we are asked 
Wales and Northern Ireland, including government 
you are looking for there in the first instance.
for, such as someone else’s personal details. Unless 
departments and NHS Trusts, for any recorded 
one of these applies we will provide the information 
information that they hold.
You can view our Publication Scheme here - https://
if we hold it.
The FOIA gives the public greater access to 
If we withhold any or part of the information we 
information about how decisions are made in 
will tell you why. If you are not satisfied by our 
government and how public services are developed 
What type of information can I ask for?
explanation you can ask us to reconsider. We will 
and delivered.
provide details of how you do this when we tell you 
You can ask for any information that is recorded and 
we are unable to supply any information.
The FOIA operates alongside the Data Protection 
held by the Trust.
Act, which allows you to access information about 
The decision will be reviewed by two Trust Directors 
In what format can I 
(or appropriate senior Managers depending on the 
request information?
nature of the request).
How do I ask for information?
We will provide your FOI response in your preferred 
The Information Commissioner’s Office is an 
All requests for information must be made in writing. 
format (i.e. on paper or electronically) wherever 
independent body that enforces the FOIA and the 
You must clearly state what information you are 
possible. If you have a disability or any special 
Data Protection Act.
requesting and supply your name and contact details 
requirements in respect of your response format 
e.g. email or postal address. You should send this 
please let us know and we will endeavour to 
For more information, visit or call 
to the Information Governance Team at the Trust’s 
accommodate your needs.
0303 123 1113 or e-mail the First Contact Team at 
Headquarters by one of the following means:
•  By post to: South Western Ambulance Service 
When will I receive this information?
NHS Foundation Trust, Abbey Court, Eagle Way, 
How much will it cost to make a request?
Exeter, Devon EX2 7HY
In most cases we must respond to you within 20 
•  By email to:
working days of receiving your request. If we cannot, 
Most of the information is supplied free of charge. 
we will explain why and let you know when you will 
But you may have to pay a fee if you ask for a lot of 
•  or use our online contact form
receive a reply.
information which takes a long time to compile or 
requires a lot of copying. We will tell you in advance 
All public authorities covered by the FOI Act are also 
if a fee will apply and suggest ways in which 
required to maintain a Publication Scheme. Under 
you might revise your request so a charge is not 
the Publication Scheme certain classes of information 
(such as organisational information, contact details,