This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Freedom of Information Request - 030'.

FW: Request for information - Freedom of Information Act 2000 < No. 12279> 
Dear E McMenamin, 
1.  Is a catering restaurant or café provided on the premises?  
2.  What are the addresses of the buildings in which the restaurants or cafés are located?  
3.  Who is the current catering incumbent of the catering contract?  
4.  What is the catering value? (Or is it nil subsidy?)   The catering facilities shared with other 
5.  When is the catering service contract due for re-tender?    
6.  How will it be re-tendered?  
7.  Is the contract part of a PFI?  
8.  Is it part of an FM contract? (and if so, what services are also included in the contract?) Who 
provides the other soft FM services?   
9.  Who will be the main person leading on the tender during the formal tender process? 
10.  When will the tender notice be issued?  
11.  Where will the tender notice be issued?  
12.  When is the tender due for release?  
13.  Is it on CCS framework?  
14.  Who in the department is responsible for the management of the contract?  
15.  How many people are there on site per day?   
To assist we can advise Public Sector bodies need to comply with their own Standing 
Orders/Financial Regulations as well as the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (PCR2015)  - 
Statutory Instrument  2015 No. 102.  Contract Opportunities are advertised in compliance with 
Clause 52 of PCR2015 sets out that that information should not be made available before relevant 
contract notices are published.  As the focus of your enquiry is on developing your business, you are 
recommended to review PCR2015.  Most  if not all public sector organisations will also have ‘how to 
do business’ type information on their websites, this will contain details of the type of procurement 
activity required below thresholds and where/which E Tendering system are used for advertisements 
– notices will be sent to Contracts Finder and OJEU as required as well as being advertised on their 
e-tendering system. We use Bluelight 
1.  Yes at  Police HQ 
2.  HQ, Clemonds Hey, Oakmere Road, Winsford, Cheshire. CW7 2UA 
3.  Catering Academy (Servest) as sub-contractor to BAM FM under the HQ PFI Contract 
4.  Spend on hospitality/catering is published as part of the invoice payments publication 
process, available on the PCC’s website.  The catering facility is available to anyone with 
access to the HQ building 
5.  Not applicable – part of PFI 
6.  Not applicable – part of PFI 
7.  Yes 
8.  No – see reply above – part of PFI. For your information – all our contracts are published and 
publicly available on  
9.  Not applicable – part of PFI 
10.  Not applicable – part of PFI 
11.   Not applicable – part of PFI 
12.  Not applicable – part of PFI 
13.  No 
14.  Helen Elliott, Procurement & Contracts Manager, is responsible for the commercial contract 
management of the  HQ PFI contract. 

15.  Site numbers fluctuate – there is no recorded information to say what numbers are on site 
each day – as staff shifts vary as do meetings and visitors so no one day or week will be the 
If you are not satisfied with the decision applied in this case I enclose for your attention a copy of the 
Constabulary's appeal procedures. 
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