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Frequently asked questions 
1.  Can plastic bags be recycled? 
Plastic bags cannot be currently recycled through the 
process the Council uses. However plastic bags can be 
recycled at specially-marked recycling bins at the front 
of most supermarkets.
2.  What can I put my food waste in?   
You can use compostable sacks (conforming to 
EN13432) to put food waste in. These can be bought 
at various shops and supermarkets. Please do not 
use biodegradable or normal plastic bags or sacks. 
Food waste can also be wrapped in newspaper as an 
alternative to buying bags.
3.  What if I don’t have enough space in my grey refuse 
If you recycle and compost as much as possible in your 
other bins, you will be surprised how little waste will be 
left. If you are still struggling, please contact us.
4.  What do we do with nappies? 
Disposable and biodegradable nappies should be put 
in your grey bin as these cannot currently be recycled. 
For information on reusable nappies, please contact 
Warwickshire County Council on 01926 412593
5.  What happens to my recycling? 
Mixed recycling is taken to a material recycling facility 
in Ettington where it is separated. Materials are then 
transported to reprocessing facilities where they are 
made into new products. 
6.  What happens to the contents of my green bin? 
Garden and food waste is taken to an in-vessel 
Your Guide 
composting plant at Ufton near Southam where the 
material is treated and turned into compost.
to the kerbside 
7.   What happens to the contents of my grey refuse bin? 
Refuse is either taken to a landfill site in Bubbenhall or 
the energy from waste facility in Coventry.
household waste 
If you find the text in this leaflet difficult 
and recycling 
to read we may be able to supply it in a 
format better suited to your needs
collection service
We currently recycle or compost almost 
60% of household waste that is collected 
from households in the district. This puts 
us in the top 10 performing Councils in the 
country. With your help we can do even 
This leaflet sets out detailed information 
For more information
about what you should put in each of your 
please visit our website 
wheeled bins.
or telephone 
01789 260616
for Stratford District

Recycling Collection 
Composting Collection 
in your blue lidded bin 
in your green lidded bin 
Please do not put any plastic bags, black sacks, 
plastic film or compostable sacks in your blue 
�  Grass cuttings
�  Tree trunks and branches 
lidded bin as we currently cannot recycle these 
�  Hedge cuttings
(over 10cm in diameter
�  Twigs, branches and 
�  Animal bedding (from 
Please note your blue lidded bin may not be collected if any 
small logs (maximum 
meat eating animals)
of the non-recyclable items are found in it.
10cm diameter)
�  Plastic flowers 
�  Christmas trees
�  Plastic / Non-compostable 
Wash and squash recyclables to avoid your bin smelling and 
�  Plants, flowers, leaves 
increase space in your bin. It is not essential to remove, lids 
and prunings
�  Plastic plant pots
from jars, labels from cans or plastic bottles.
�  Cut flowers and house 
�  Stones, bricks and rubble 
�  Noxious weeds (e.g. 
�  Bark and wood shavings 
Knotweed and Ragwort)
�  Newspapers & 
�  Tissue paper
�  Animal bedding from 
�  Nappies or  bio 
�  Waxed paper
vegetarian animals  
degradable nappies
� Envelopes
� Books
(e.g. rabbits)
�  Large quantities of soil
� Catalogues/directories
� Leaflets 
�  Any food waste 
�  Litter tray contents and
�  Scrap paper
 pet waste (incl. cat and 
dog waste)
�  Cardboard packaging, 
food waste
boxes and tubes
�  Corrugated cardboard
Refuse Collection   
�  Greetings cards
in your grey lidded bin 
�  Bottles (with lids)
�  Light bulbs 
�  Jars (with lids)
�  Glass window panes 
�  Drinking glasses 
�  Household waste that 
�  Commercial or business 
�  Broken crockery
cannot go in your blue-
lidded bin or green bin
� Asbestos
�  Drinks cans 
�  Any other metal items
� Paint
�  Food tins
�  Hot ash
�  Biscuit tins
Textiles, batteries and  
�  Plastic drinks bottles
�  Plastic bags / black sacks 
�  Fruit punnets
�  Compostable bags 
small electrical goods   
�  Microwave trays
�  Cling film, film wrap and 
�  Yoghurt pots
film lids 
in a tied, standard sized carrier bag placed next 
�  Margarine and ice cream  �  Children’s plastic toys
to any wheeled bin on your normal collection day
�  Crisp packets and sweet 
�  Large sweet containers
�  Cleaning product 
�  Plant pots 
containers (empty)
�  Coat hangers
�  Kettles, Toasters & Irons �  Light bulbs
�  Expanded polystyrene 
� Hairdryers 
�  Fluorescent tubes
�  Clocks & Watches
� Televisions
�  Kitchen foil
� Calculators
�  Computer monitors or 
�  Pie and cake trays
�  Remote controls
�  Mobile phones
�  Large white goods (eg 
� Cameras
fridges & cookers)
�  All empty household 
� Chargers
�  Anything that will not fit in a 
aerosol spray cans  
�  Radios, MP3 & CD 
standard sized carrier bag
�  Power tools
�  Soup cartons
�  Smoke detectors
�  Fruit juice cartons
�  Small electronic toys (eg 
�  Other tetrapak cartons
remote control cars)
�  Small electrical items 
with a plug or batteries
� Clothes
�  Pillows & duvets 
IMPORTANT – No plastic bags or sacks, thank you  
� Sheets
�  Anything that will not fit in a 
If possible please break down larger cardboard boxes to 
� Rags
standard sized carrier bag
fit into the blue lidded bin.
�  Towels & t-towels
� Curtains
�  Paired shoes
Extra  recycling  can  be  put  out  for  collection  alongside 
�  Household batteries  
�  Car batteries
your blue lidded bin on collection days in a rigid container 
(all sizes) 
or a cardboard box. Recyclables left in a plastic bag will 
not be taken.

For all other items not listed please contact us on 
01789 260616 or visit
azrecycling for more information.