This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Business Rates Assessments and Reliefs'.

Derby City Council – Freedom of Information Response 
Number 13776 
Date 14/01/20 
We request a list (preferably in an excel format) detailing all current Rateable Value 
assessments and which accounts are, and which are not, subject to some form rate 
relief (eg. Small Business Rate Relief (SBRR), charitable, empty relief, retail relief). 
Please include the following columns insofar as possible.  
  Full Postal Address 
Please see attached spreadsheet response.  
  Rating Description (e.g. 
offices, workshop etc.) 
  Correspondence Address 
(if different from Full Postal 
  Account Name 
  Account No./Ref.  
  Property Ref 
  RV 2017 
  RV 2010 
  SBRR (discount, not 
multiplier) – yes or no 
  Retail Relief/Discount – 
yes or no 
  Vacant – yes or no 
  Other relief (e.g. charity, 
hardship, rural, community 
& amateur sports clubs 
etc.) – yes or no 
  Current liability start date 
Please note, the following applies, if the response includes council officers (or 
other officers) names. 

If you are a company that intends to use the names and contact details of council 
officers (or other officers) provided for direct marketing, you need to be registered 
with the Information Commissioner to process personal data for this purpose. You 
must also check that the individual (whom you wish to contact for direct marketing 
purposes) is not registered with one of the Preference Services to prevent Direct 
Marketing. If they are you must adhere to this preference. You must also ensure you 
comply with the Privacy Electronic and Communications Regulations (PECR). For 
more information follow this Link 
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For the avoidance of doubt the provision of council (and other) officer names and 
contact details under FOI does not give consent to receive direct marketing via any 
media and expressly does not constitute a ‘soft opt-in’ under PECR. 
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