This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report Environmental Compliance Audit of Local Authorities'.

Our ref: 11628801
13 January 2020
Scott Davies
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Dear Scott Davies
Thank you for request for information under the Freedom of Information Act 
2000.  Please find below our responses to your questions
This request relates to UK Environmental Legislation, specifically TM44 Air 
Conditioning Inspection Reporting, which is mandatory for air-conditioned 
buildings. You as a Local Authority are duty bound to actively manage 
compliance in your Borough and to issue notices/fine non-compliant 
Q. Have you set up a Trading Standards Officer to implement an active TM44 
compliance programme. Provide that person’s name and details.
Birmingham Trading Standards have not nominated a Trading Standards 
Officer to implement an Active TM44 compliance programme.  We are utilising 
the 2017 guidance which stipulates” Local Weights and Measures Authorities 
are responsible for enforcing the requirements to have an Energy Performance 
Certificate”.  Trading Standards Officers may act on complaints or undertake 
investigations if requested.  The Energy Performance Certificate must be 
provided within 7 days of the request or the Building Manager/Owner or Letting 
Agent would be liable to a penalty charge.
We can advise that the service has checked their records and we have not 
received any complaints regarding the failure to display an Energy Performance 
Certificate or to undertake inspections of the Air Conditioning Systems.
Q. If you have not set up your compliance programme, when do you expect to 
do so, and who is in charge of the process? 
Currently there is no plan to set up a compliance programme however, we will 
react to any complaints and investigate where information is provided to 
indicate that there is a contravention.
Regulation and Enforcement
Neighbourhoods Directorate
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16977
B2 2AE

Q. What specific actions have you undertaken to check on all building operators 
with air conditioning in your Borough? 
Currently there are no actions being undertaken to check compliance.
Q. How do you notify affected organisations, and how much notice do you give 
them before issuing a fine?
If non-compliance came to our attention the organisation concerned would be 
given 14 days’ notice and follow the guidance issued previously from the 
Department for Communities and Local Government.
Q. The Government Non-Domestic EPC Register contains all records of 
existing TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports, with expiry dates. Buildings 
not shown on the Register are non-compliant. Do you make use of the 
Currently we do not monitor the Register however should a report be submitted 
in respect of a building that was non- compliant then we would investigate as 
part of our current duties.
The fine is £300.00 per building for non-compliance, do you reinvest fines and 
allocate to the Department issuing notices?
No fines have been issued for non-compliance.
Please quote the reference number 11628801 in any future communications.
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to 
ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within 
40 working days from the date this authority issued its initial response to your 
original letter and should be addressed to:
Corporate Information Governance Team
PO Box 16366
B2 2YY
If you are still dissatisfied with the Council’s response after the internal review 
you have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner at:
The Information Commissioner's Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
Regulation and Enforcement
Neighbourhoods Directorate
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16977
B2 2AE

Cheshire SK9 5AF. 
Telephone: 01625 545 700 
We will now close your request as of this date.
Yours sincerely
Regulation and Enforcement FOI Team 
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