This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Application to the Coastal Communities Fund – the 'Southwold Enterprise Hub''.

East Suffolk Council confirm they will be the accountable body for the Southwold Enterprise Hub  project 
ref CCFR5324 as laid out in the terms below. If you require a formal response please let me know. 
Sent: 08 November 2019 14:51 
Subject: RE: Urgent enquiry ‐ ref CCFR5324 
Further to our telephone conversation, we would expect the following: 
As grant maker, MHCLG will:   
  Confirm in writing the capital and revenue amounts that the Accountable Body will receive for expenditure in 
each financial year   
  Pay the full year’s funding so that the Accountable Body can allocate to the local partnership according to the 
spending profile agreed with MHCLG   
  As the grant maker, have responsibility for determining a course of action and communicating with the grant 
holder should concerns arise, including relating to project spend or project management.   
  Copy the Accountable Body into all correspondence with project leads in the interests of open and 
transparent communication between all parties    
 As Accountable Body, local authorities will:   
  Pay projects according to the spend profile agreed with MHCLG, in response to evidence of commitment or 
invoiced expenditure  
  Copy MHCLG into all correspondence with project leads, in the interests of open and transparent 
communication between all parties   
  Take steps to satisfy themselves that funds are being spent legitimately and for the purposes of the grant 
agreed with MHCLG. In doing so, they may wish to make reference to MHCLG’s Statement of Expectations for 
CCF grant holders, as well as their own established principles and procedures for making grants to local voluntary 
  Notify MHCLG immediately should they not be satisfied that the grant is being spent legitimately, providing 
evidence in support of these concerns where it is available.   

12 month contract.  If they can confirm the CCF revenue will be spent by March 2021, is there an issue 
with their contracts continuing for a further 6/12 months to allow for the intended tasks to be completed 
as intended. 
We would also like to seek clarification if it is acceptable to release the original application into the public 
domain? Southwold Town Council have had a request to do so and wanted this clarified with the funders 
as well as the request to update the timetable before a public meeting that is to be held on Monday the 
11th of November. 
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