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Annex B 
All projects in receipt of a Coastal Communities Fund grant must coordinate all media work 
with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government press office. 
This means that the Fund must ensure they alert MHCLG press office and MHCLG Coastal 
Team to all announcements and milestones.  In addition: 
Announcements must be flagged with MHCLG at least one month prior to occurring. 
Ministers at the Department must be offered a quote for any media releases. 
Agreed language is used when describing the fund in all media releases. 
Ministers are invited to landmark events. 
The Fund will provide MHCLG Press Office with a media contact for each project. 
The Project Report will need to include estimated milestones for when landmarks/key stages in 
a funded project will be reached or planned. The report should flag, media opportunities as 
soon as possible, ideally from commencement of the grant. 
The Fund will inform each Project of the following details in respect to media work and 
regularly remind Projects: 
Ministerial quotes 
Although Ministers must be offered the opportunity to provide a quote there is not a guarantee 
that the Minister will contribute. 
Draft press releases must be shared with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local 
Government press office a minimum of 5 working days prior to the announcement date. 
Agreed language 
All projects to incorporate the Great British Coast logo in marketing material. 
All press releases must include the following description of the Coastal Communities Fund in 
the Notes to Editors section: 
“Coastal Communities Fund 
The Great British Coast has enormous economic potential and this government is determined 
to see it thrive all year round.  
That’s why by 2020 the Government will have invested over £200 million in our much loved 
seaside areas through dedicated programmes like Coastal Communities Fund to help in 
generating jobs and boosting businesses.  
So far, analysis has shown that this has been money well spent with every £1 invested having 
the potential to create an up to £8 boost to our coastal economies. To find out more visit: 

Grant recipients are free to publicise their project award however best suits their needs. But if 
you would like some further facts about the Fund, or the wider regeneration work going on 
across the country, MHCLG is always happy to help. 
Some additional key facts: 
More than 11 million people live across the Great British Coast. 
The coastal tourism industry contributes £8 billion to the economy each year. 
The first four rounds of the Coastal Communities Fund invested over £173 million in 
295 projects across the UK. Those projects are predicted to create or safeguard up 
to 18,000 good jobs UK-wide. 
Across our Great British Coast we’ve got heritage hooks to be proud of, but some of 
these places need some tender, loving, care. That’s why MHCLG has also invested 
£7.8 million through the Coastal Revival Fund to get 189 brilliant British coastal 
heritage assets back into ship-shape.”