This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Application to the Coastal Communities Fund – the 'Southwold Enterprise Hub''.

Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local 
Fry Building 
2 Marsham Street 
T 030 3444 0000
Ms Susan Meadows
Date: 13 January 2020
Dear Ms Meadows
Freedom of Information Act 2000 - 4736778
Thank you for your request for information which was received on 11 November 
2019. Your request has been considered under the Freedom of Information Act 
2000. As you are aware, we extended the deadline of the request on 10 December 
2019, in order to consider the public interest tests under sections 35 and 43 of the 
Your request was:
“(1) Please send me the application documents, together with all other 
associated documentation, for the town of Southwold's bid for funding made 
to the Coastal Communities Fund, for which earlier this year an award of 
£995,000 for the 'Southwold Enterprise Hub' was made. 
This is to include both the 'Stage 1' and 'Stage 2' applications, the 'Business 
Plan', the 'Capital Delivery Plan', the 'Capital Cost Plan', etc. 

(2) A list detailing all documents (including correspondence) relevant to this 
application(s) and the award is requested here, also.

We can confirm that the information requested is held by the Ministry of Housing, 
Communities and Local Government and we are able to provide you with the 
majority of this information.
Some of the information requested is publicly accessible at the Southwold Town 
website, including the Stage 2 application and Business Plan, at the following link:

We hold a copy of ‘Southwold Town Centre; a Forward Framework’, which can be 
found at the following link:


We hold a copy of the Southwold Town Council ‘Our Strategy for the Future of
Southwold’ document, which can be found at the following link:

We hold a copy of the Southwold Economic plan, which can be found at the following 

As these documents are accessible by other means, the Department is exempt from 
disclosing them, under section 21(1) of the FOI Act. 
We have provided a number of documents associated with the Coastal Communities 
Fund project, but some information has been withheld under section 35(1)(a) of the 
FOI Act as it relates to the formulation and development of government policy; and 
section 43(2), which relates to the commercial interests of Southwold Town Council.
These exemptions are engaged as this project is part of Coastal Communities Fund, 
which is a live government policy; and the cost model contains sensitive commercial 
information and would be likely to prejudice the commercial interests of Southwold 
Town Council.
Information falling within these exemptions must still be provided, however, unless it 
is not in the public interest to do so.
There will always be some general public interest in disclosure to promote
transparency and accountability of government Departments. The Department
recognises that this public interest allows for the scrutiny of the decision-making
process and Government policy. Information and correspondence about the 
Southwold Town Council’s Coastal Communities Fund application is of public 
interest as it would allow transparency and give specific details about the process.
However, the Department must also consider that government needs a safe space to
develop ideas and reach decisions away from external interference and distraction.
The information you have requested relates to a live policy and disclosure of the
information would erode unacceptably the safe space mentioned above. Ministers
must feel able to consider the information and advice before them and be able to
reach objective, fully-informed decisions without impediment and free from
distraction that such information will be made public.
The Southwold Enterprise Hub CCF Cost Model contains sensitive commercial 
information about the project and disclosing such level detail would likely lead to an 
increase in project cost throughout the duration for Southwold Town Council. A 
summary of the costs has been included in the Stage 2 application as this 
information is of less commercial sensitivity.

We have decided, on balance, that it is not in the public interest to disclose this 
information at this time.
Some information is also exempt from disclosure under section 40(2) of the FOI Act 
as it is personal, about another individual and, as that person could not reasonably 
expect that his or her personal information would be disclosed, doing so would 
breach the Data Protection Act.
Here is a list of documents and correspondence held by the Department:
304529-IW-01-00-DR-A-3500-P1_B1 GA Grd Plan & B.Regs Spec
304529-IW-01-XX-DR-A-3520-P1_B1 Elevations, Sheet 1
304529-IW-02-00-DR-A-3502-P1_B2 GA Grd Plan & B.Regs Spec
304529-IW-02-XX-DR-A-3525-P1_B2 Elevations, Sheet 1
304529-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-2201-P1_Existing Site Plan
304529-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-2205-P4_Proposed Site Location Plan
304529-IW-XX-XX-DR-A-2401-P3_Proposed Site Plan
Activity Timetable
Adnams Letter of Support
Annex A - Starting Your Grant
Annex B - Communications Agreement
Building Regulations Initial Notice
Capital Cost Plan Round 5
Cumbria Press Release
Decision Amendments and Compliance Notice
Devon Working Hubs
Dorset Press Release
Drainage Strategy
Durrants Letter of Support
Email to East Suffolk Council
Email to Thérèse Coffey MP
Emails with East Suffolk Council
Gloucestershire Press Release
Heritage Impact Assessment
High Level Forecast
Kent Press Release
Land Ownership
Letter of support from Southwold Coastal Community Team
Letter to Thérèse Coffey MP
MHCLG Emails
Neighbourhood Plan
Phase I and II GeoEnvironmental Assessment
Project Budget Staff Posts
Protected Species Assessment

Southwold CCT Economic Plan
Southwold CCT Terms of Reference
Southwold Enterprise Hub Business Plan
Southwold Enterprise Hub Cost Model
Southwold Enterprise Hub Logic Model
Southwold Enterprise Hub Risk Register
Southwold Stage 1 Application
Southwold Town Council Annual Governance Statement
Southwold Town Council Application
Southwold Town Council Funding Letter
Southwold Town Council Strategy
Southwold Town Entrance Study
SRS Letter of Support
Suffolk Press Release
Town Centre Strategy Forward Framework
Transport Statement
WDC Letter of Support
Complaints procedure
If you are unhappy with this response, we will review it and report back to you. (This 
is called an internal review.) If you want us to do this, let us know by return email 
within two months of receiving this response. You can also ask by letter addressed 
Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government
Knowledge and Information Access Team
4th Floor SE, Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
London, SW1P 4DF
If you are unhappy with the outcome of this internal review, you can ask the 
independent Information Commissioner to investigate. The Information 
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Yours sincerely