This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Taxi complaints'.

Our ref: 10643701
2 December 2019
L thompson
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Dear Sir/Madam
This request is being handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. 
Dear Birmingham City Council, 
Please provide number of complaints received by council regarding taxi 
operators from 2015-2019 and please include the taxi operators name ie uber 
/hackney carraige ,247,A2b ,tc etc etc 
We hold this information but we estimate it will take over 18 hours to find and 
extract it.
We believe that your request is referring to private hire operators, as there are 
no taxi operators.
We can advise you that in order for us to provide the information you have 
requested would exceed the appropriate limit set by the Freedom of Information 
There are over 200 records held that contain requests for assistance. Each of 
these records would need to be individually vetted to clarify if the record 
contained an actual complaint about an operator.  Not all requests for 
assistance recorded on our database are complaints, they could be simple 
enquiries or relate to other matters.  
Therefore, to provide the information requested would mean that an officer 
would have to examine each separate record to determine if it was an actual 
complaint, justified or not.  Once verified the information would then need to be 
extracted from each individual worksheet and collated into an appropriate 
Regulation and Enforcement
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16586
B33 3EH

We estimate that this would take an average15 minutes per record. 15 minutes 
per record x 200 records would total 50 hours of officer time.  
Whilst the Freedom of Information Act provides that any individual is entitled to 
request access to information held by a public authority, it also recognises that 
the burden of responding to voluminous requests can place a disproportionate 
burden on public authorities.  S.12 (1) of the Freedom of Information Act 
provides that:-
The Act “does not oblige a public authority to comply with a request for 
information if the authority estimates that the cost of complying with the request 
would exceed the appropriate limit.”
The appropriate limit, for local authorities, is set, by the Freedom of Information 
and Data Protection (Appropriate Limit and Fees) Regulations 2004, at 18 
hours or £450 (at the statutory rate of £25 per hour) for the work undertaken in 
locating, extracting and collating the information requested.
If you would like us to continue with your request and pay for the information 
requested please let us know and we will arrange for a fees notice to be sent to
you.  Please note payment would be required before we continued with your 
Please quote the reference number 10643701 in any future communications.
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to 
ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within 
40 working days from the date this authority issued its initial response to your 
original letter and should be addressed to:
Corporate Information Governance Team
PO Box 16366
B2 2YY
If you are still dissatisfied with the Council’s response after the internal review 
you have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner at:
The Information Commissioner's Office 
Wycliffe House 
Water Lane 
Cheshire SK9 5AF. 
Regulation and Enforcement
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16586
B33 3EH

Telephone: 01625 545 700 
We will now close your request as of this date.
Yours faithfully 
Regulation and Enforcement FOI Team
Re Use of Public Sector Information
Where Birmingham City Council is the copyright holder of any information that may be released, re-use for personal, 
educational or non-commercial purposes is permitted without further reference to the City Council. Where the re-use is 
for other purposes, such as commercial re-use, the applicant should notify the City Council in writing to seek approval or 
agree terms for re-use
Regulation and Enforcement
Birmingham City Council
PO Box 16586
B33 3EH