This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Injuries since Harry Potter book and film release'.

Andrew Hill 
Network Rail  
By Email: 
Freedom of Information 
The Quadrant  
Elder Gate 
Milton Keynes  
MK9 1EN 
01908 782405 
E xxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx 
20th November 2019 
Dear Mr Hill  
Information request  
Reference number: FOI2019/01250 
Thank you for your email of 28 October 2019 in which you requested the following 
Out of curiosity, how many injuries/accidents have been reported each year since 1992 
caused by individuals colliding with the pillars between platforms 9 and 10?  
I am interested to see if injuries increased over time since the publication of the first Harry 
Potter book and the release of the first Harry Potter film.  
Honestly, this is not an urgent enquiry. Take your time. 
I have processed your request under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 
(FOIA). We have searched our records and we do not hold the information you requested. 
To explain, we have not received any reports of individuals colliding with the pillars 
between platforms 9 and 10. 
If you have any enquiries about this response, please contact me in the first instance at 
xxx@xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx or on 01908 782405. Details of your appeal rights are below. 
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Yours sincerely 
Emma Baker 

Information Officer 
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