This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Council tax payment allocation in accordance with R. v Miskin Lower Justices [1953]'.

Lucy Lowes
FOI 611 - 2019
FOI Survey.doc
Dear S Staffordson 
Freedom of Information Request: 611 - 2019 
Thank you for your request received by Sevenoaks District Council on 13 September 2019. 
In relation to your enquiry, please find the Council’s response set out below. 
Your enquiry was: 
Where did the council obtain the information regarding the appropriation of payments case law 
which conflicts with the judgment in R. v Miskin Lower Justices [1953]? 
Our response: 
The case you have stated essentially indicates it was reasonable to infer that the debt was 
intended for an “original” debt where a person was subject to imprisonment if it was not paid – 
in many cases that could be a good reason for attributing the debt to the oldest debt (though 
not always). 
Please note that Sevenoaks District Council and Dartford Borough Council run a joint team 
for the provision of Revenues and Benefits and the response is on behalf of both councils.  
I trust the above information has been of assistance to you. Should you have any further 
questions please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Should you be dissatisfied with the way we have processed your request the Council has an 
internal review process which you can begin by contacting Democratic Services for the attention 
of the Chief Officer Legal & Governance ( If you remain 
dissatisfied you have the right to appeal to the Information Commissioners’ Office (ICO) you would like to provide feedback to our 
process, please complete the attached FOI Survey and return it to 
Yours sincerely 
Lucy Lowes 
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