5G Installation

Maria O Callaghan made this Freedom of Information request to Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

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Maria O Callaghan

Dear Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland),

Can you please confirm if 5G has been switched on in the village of Meigh
South Armagh if so when, if not when will it be? Newry Mourne Down Council
hold no information relevant to this part of your request.

Please provide minutes of the meeting during which the installation of 5G
was permitted to be installed in the village , if a payment was made to a
landowner for its installation, and if so how much? Newry Mourne Down
Council hold no information relevant to this part of your request.

Please provide full specifications and technical documentation re
installation of LED street lighting. Do they contain transmitters and/or
receivers are in these and if so if they are 5G?

Yours faithfully,

Maria O Callaghan

DfI Information Management Unit, Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

Dear Ms O'Callaghan


The Department for Infrastructure is not responsible for mobile telephony
networks in Northern Ireland.


The appropriate public authority in this case is Ofcom, it you wish to
make an information request to Ofcom, contact details and previous
responses can be found here: [1]Freedom of Information and Data Protection
- Ofcom.


The Department’s street lighting network does not include any mobile
telephony transmitters or receivers, including 5G.


DfI have received a number of similar queries in recent years, you may
find that the attached responses answer most or all of your questions:

·         [2]DFI/2020-0100 - EIR request for details of street lighting
being installed in Holywood, including: make & model; followed by
confirmation of whether the new equipment can produce RF/EMF including 5G,
any relevant scientific or medical advice, etc. | Department for
Infrastructure (infrastructure-ni.gov.uk);

·         [3]DFI/2020-0105 - EIR request for information about rollout of
a 5G telecommunications network in Northern Ireland, including records of
any meeting between the Minister & industry representatives, together with
details of any relevant agreements, etc. | Department for Infrastructure

·         [4]DFI/2020-0150 (infrastructure-ni.gov.uk).


If you are interested in the Department’s policies in relation to street
lighting, please see the attached: [5]Street lighting RSPPG E072 |
Department for Infrastructure (infrastructure-ni.gov.uk), applied in
conjunction with [6]RSPPG E019.   As RSPPG E072 states, the Department
complies with relevant British Standards and Department for Transport
safety and design considerations when installing LED lighting.


If you, after viewing the attached information, would still like to make a
request for information to the Department for Infrastructure, please do
not hesitate to contact this email address.


Thank you.


Hugh Murnaghan

DfI Information Management Unit


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