From: Sarah Favell
Sent: 23 August 2019 11:57
To: David Burbridge
Subject: RE: FOI 0303 - Trust Directors and CQC Regulation


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How many concerns have been raised under CQC Regulation 5 Fit and Proper Persons about trust directors?

One, as far as we are aware

2) How many investigations/reviews have been triggered as a result of any such concerns?

None, but a review of the complaint and related matters has been undertaken

3) How of these investigations/ reviews were externally conducted?

The review was conducted with the support of external legal firm due to the context of the complaint

4) What parties have been commissioned to undertake external FPPR investigations/ reviews?

Legal firm

5) Can the trust give a total figure for the cost of all external FPPR investigations/ reviews undertaken in this period?

Approximately £5,000



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From: David Burbridge
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To: Sarah Favell
Subject: FW: FOI 0303 - Trust Directors and CQC Regulation


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From: FOI
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To: David Burbridge
Cc: Clare Ball; Angie Hudson
Subject: FOI 0303 - Trust Directors and CQC Regulation


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