This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Subject Organisation Chart - Property, Estates, Facilities & Projects'.

FOI Team| Optum Health Systems Support 
 South Kesteven District Council Offices, 
St Peters Hill 
NG31 6PZ 
Dear Requester 
   23rd August 2019 
FOI Reference: OPTUM FOI 300-671 – SL CCG 
I refer to your email received on 9 August 2019.  I can confirm on behalf of NHS South 
Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) supported by Optum Commissioning 
Support Services, and in accordance with S.1 (1) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 
(FOIA) that we do hold the information you have requested. A response to each element of 
your request is detailed below: 
Please may you provide an organisation chart for the estates, facilities & capital projects teams 
from a director level through to officer level. Please provide full names and contact details 
(phone numbers & email addresses) 
In response to your question above, please be advised the CCG does not have Estate, 
Facilities and Capital Project Teams, as the CCG does not hold any capital assets.  Estates, 
Facilities and Capital projects are not function within the CCG but they do exist at STP level to 
some degree. 
Each Hospital and Provider organisation will have their own teams and therefore, you may wish 
to re-direct your FOI request to individual hospitals and provider organisations.   
Please also note that NHS Property Services (NHSPS)  holder other estate on behalf of the 
NHS and you may wish to contact NHS Property Services directly. 
I trust that this answers your queries with the information we currently hold, but if we can be of 
any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact the FOI Team.  
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an internal 
review. Internal review requests should be submitted within two months of the date of receipt of 
the response to your original letter and should be addressed to 
Optum Health Systems Support 
South Kesteven District Council Offices 
St. Peter’s Hill 
NG31 6PZ 
If you are not content with the outcome of your complaint, you may apply directly to the 
Information Commissioner for a decision. Generally, the ICO cannot make a decision unless 
you have exhausted the complaints procedure provided by the CCGs.  

The Information Commissioner’s contact details can be found here: 
All information we have provided is subject to the provisions of the Re-use of Public Sector 
Information Regulations 2015. Accordingly, if the information has been made available for re-
use under the Open Government Licence 
(OGL) a request to re-use is not required, but the 
licence conditions must be met. You must not re-use any previously unreleased information 
without having the consent from the CCG. Should you wish to re-use previously unreleased 
information then you must make your request in writing (email will suffice) to the FOI Lead.  All 
requests for re-use will be responded to within 20 working days of receipt. 
Yours faithfully 
FOI Team 
On behalf of NHS South Lincolnshire CCG