This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Maidstone Borough Council Solicitor Agents (J E Baring & Co) Assignment And Sub-Contracting'.

Maidstone Borough Council 
Freedom of Information Act Request 
Ref: FOI 8189 
Date: 14/08/2019 
Request and Response 
Please provide a copy of the Deed of Arrangement between Maidstone 
Borough Council and J E Baring & Co solicitors and list the authorised 
signatories and the position they hold within the council and solicitors' 
There is no Deed of Arrangement. 
Confirm whether this agreement is personal to the Contractor or if they 
can assign any of it's rights or obligations to any third party or 
otherwise dispose of their agreement or any part of it, until after they 
receive written approval of the council. 
Please provide a copy of all prior written approvals by the Council and 
the name of the officer who approved rights and obligations to be 
assigned to third party sub-contractor/agents and supply a list of the 
names of the sub-contractor/agent. 
Cases are passed on an individual basis by the Head of Mid Kent Revenues and 
Benefits Partnership, Sheila Coburn, to J E Baring and Co. 
Also confirm if Maidstone Borough Council have agreed to let your 
agents J E Baring & Co solicitors to sub-contract their obligations to any 
of the following third party agents: 
J S Knott Legal Services Ltd (Russell Sargent and/or Raymond Finch) 
Fairway Investigation and Associates Ltd (Tracey Jewsbury) 
Equita Ltd 
Court Enforcement Services Ltd 
Newlyn PLC   
We do not hold this information, J E Baring and Co manages this. 

Please also provide a copy of all approvals for these third parties and 
any additional agents, such as SIA licensed door supervisors or frontline 
close protection agents. 
And in particular any connected to the Council's choice of Insolvency 
Practitioner(s)/Trustee(s) who also instruct J E Baring & Co to carry out 
work on their behalf and who also instruct the same firm of barristers as 
the Council.