This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'FOI request for tender reference CSW 5591'.

Nikki Thompson
Business Support
Resources Group
Warwickshire County Council
Shire Hall, Warwick, CV34 4RL
Please ask for Charlotte Mackin 
Our ref: 4523660
Your ref: 
Date: 27 June 2019
Dear Nikki Thompson
Freedom of Information Act 2000
I am pleased to provide some of the information you have requested. 
1: How many organisations were invited to tender?  
This opportunity was open to any supplier who was interested in bidding. WCC didn't 
select any suppliers to bid.  
2: How many bidders submitted responses?  
3: Name of all bidders who submitted responses.  
Quality Assured Projects (a trading division of Liquid Personnel Ltd)  
Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd  
The OT Practice Ltd  
4: Rank of all bidders who submitted responses.  
1 - Quality Assured Projects (a trading division of Liquid Personnel Ltd)  
2 - The OT Practice Ltd  
3 - Reed Specialist Recruitment Ltd  
5: Where did The OT Practice rank in the scoring process?  
See answer to Q4  
6: Advantages of the successful bidder compared to other tenderer.  
Compared to the other tenders the winner articulated a better, more DoL's specific 
approach and philosophy to delivering the services and clearly explained and evidenced 
how they would deliver the outcomes in thew specification.  
The winner also put forward a more effective reporting structure and better proposals for 

the effective management of the service.  
The unsuccessful bidders were given feedback as required by the Procurement 
Regulations however that level of detail contains commercially sensitive material.  
7: Final pricing of successful bidder.  
The Pricing element required the submission of unit rates which are commercially 
sensitive. We can confirm that Price was evaluated on a pass/fail basis  
and bidders were required to submit rates that were below the specified ceiling rates. 
These ceiling rates were:  
5 to 25 customers £480  
25 to 50 customers £470  
50 to 100 customers £460  
100+ customers £450  
The winning supplier submitted rates that were below these ceiling levels. 
8: Copy of successful tender. 
We consider that the qualified exemption set out in Section 43 (Prejudicial to 
commercial interests) Therefore, we have decided to withhold the information.
In applying this exemption, we have had to balance the public interest in withholding the 
information against the interest in favour of disclosure.
Factors in favour of disclosure
• Transparency in respect of how the Council spends public money
• Enabling public scrutiny in ensuring that the Council is securing the best use of 
public resources.
Factors in favour of withholding
It is not in the public interest if it prevents the local authority getting best value on our 
contracts, the best service at the best possible price, if it would mean the authority 
would not be spending public money efficiently. 
In all the circumstances of the case, the public interest in maintaining the exemption 
outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information.
9: Expiry date of the awarded contract.  
31st March 2020 unless the option is taken to extend the contract - in which case it will 
be 31st March 2021.  
10: Approximate date that the tender will be reissued towards the end of the 
current contract period. 
There are currently no plans to re-tender this contract. The contract was required to 
remove a backlog of assessments." 
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an 
internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within 40 days of the date 
of receipt of the response to your original letter and should be addressed to:

Information Management 
Shire Hall 
CV34 4RL 
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, you have the right to 
apply directly to the Information Commissioner for a decision. The Information 
Commissioner can be contacted at: 
The Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, 
Cheshire, SK9 5AF. 
Phone: 0303 123 1113 
I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours faithfully
Charlotte Mackin 
Business Support Team Leader