This is an HTML version of an attachment to the Freedom of Information request 'Illegally Demolished Historic Cottages East Ferry Road Isle of Dogs'.

FOI: 16172197  Illegally Demolished Historic Cottages East
There any number of rumours concerning the above site!! 
May I please request an update on the rebuilding of these cottages 
Mayor John Biggs demanded in 2017 that they be rebuilt brick by brick, as this was/is a 
local Heritage Site in a Conservation Area. 
May I also please ask how much so far has been spent on Legal Fees to date in relation 
to this matter. 
Following the service of enforcement notices on 18th August 2017 requiring the rebuilding 
of the demolished buildings, an appeal against these notices was finally heard on 13th 
and 14th November 2018. Whilst the Inspector accepted the validity of the notices and 
that harm had been caused by the demolition, he decided that future development likely 
to transpire in the buildings’ place would provide future public benefit that would offset 
this harm. As such he came to the decision that the demolition work was acceptable and 
gave the works retrospective planning consent via his decision.
We are naturally disappointed that the inspector has chosen to grant the developers’ 
appeal. These were culturally and historically significant buildings and we remain of the 
opinion that their demolition without permission and without an acceptable redevelopment 
proposal, was unacceptable.
The Council is now engaged in a High Court appeal (Claim nos. CO/178/2019 and 
CO/179/2019) against the Inspector’s decision which is due to be heard on 26th June 
Should the Council be successful in this appeal then the Inspector’s decision will be 
External legal fees in respect of the enforcement inquiry were approx. £43950.
Given the ongoing nature of the Council’s High Court challenge, we are not able to 
provide a full figure in respect of the legal costs relating to this challenge.