Sent: 23 February 2019 11:25
To: JENKIN, Bernard <
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Subject: Fwd: Unresolved Historic NHS Negligence - independent review awaited


Dear Sir Bernard,


I cannot let the email to you from [REDACTED] pass without comment. Leaving aside his accusations of corruption and ‘abusive’ letters, I draw your attention to the basic issues in this case:

1. [REDACTED] was one of more than 30 families I agreed to meet in October 2017;

2. I listened to their stories and agreed to look again at their historic cases with an assurance process involving a senior colleague who had no previous involvement. This involved a significant amount of work;

3. As I reported to PACAC in January a very small number of those cases were found to have unreliable decisions and were/ are being looked at again;

4. [REDACTED] case was not. You have the letter I wrote to him at the time. 

5. Along with others, [REDACTED] then called for an ‘external independent review’ but as I have always maintained, the Ombudsman is the external independent review and anything else - leaving aside unprecedented, very rare circumstances - undermines my authority and my relationship with Parliament. 


Yours sincerely,




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